Best books for the Inquisition?


Hey y’all-

The history minor here is embarassed to admit it, but my knowledge of the Inquisition is shockingly poor (but, in my defense, I WAS most concentrating in Chinese history in college :smiley: ).

Anyway, could anyone suggest some good books in the Inquisition? My father (anti-Catholic) and my friend’s husband (v.v. anti-Catholic) love flinging this one around like it’s the end-all-be-all of reasons why Holy Mother Church is nothing more than a cesspool of evil. I’d kinda sorta like to be able to refute some of their more outlandish claims.

Thank you!


These excellent articles on the subject will lead you to some equally excellent books.

In general, you want to read newer books and material about this topic that the older ones, which were full of unsubstantiated “Black Legend” propaganda left over from the Deformation. It is only in recent years that scholars have actually looked at the original records and primary sources, rather than regurgitating polemics.


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