Best books on prayer or meditation?

Just looking for something to help my prayer life, all replies are appreciated, God bless.


Good for you, dallas_r!

First, I would recommend (realizing you may already have been doing some of the following):

  1. Prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide you in listening to God’s Word in Holy Scripture.
  2. Pray with Attention and Devotion - St. Teresa of Avila cautioned her nuns that without attention and devotion, they may be moving their lips but they are NOT praying.
  3. In all your prayer, consider the “Our Father” as the standard, since Jesus has told us:

When you pray, say “Our Father…”

  1. The Rosary prayed each day, as Mary our Mother asked, mediating on the mysteries of her life with Jesus.

  2. Finally, two books that I have found very helpful:

The Ordinary Path to Holiness The link gives a summary of the book.

The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father This link also gives a summary of the book.


A couple of contemporary authors come to mind: Fr. Jacques Philippe, who has written several books on prayer, including Time for God and Searching for and Maintaining Peace.

The other is Fr. Martin Laird, O.S.A., who has written a wonderful trilogy on prayer: Into the Silent Land, A Sunlit Absence, and An Ocean of Light. I’m reading that last one right now :+1:.

I’ll second s Fr. Martin Laird’s “Into the Silent Land.”

Also, Fr Thomas Keating, “Open Mind Open Heart” along with most of his works which are on Contemplative Prayer.


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