Best Catholic apologist?


Vote for who you thik the best Catholic apologist is?

Jimmy Akin

Bob Sungenis

Karl Keating

Patrick Madrid

Scott Hahn

Tim Staples

John Salza


Although he is not an apologist in the same sense, Kenneth Miller is the person I most respect when it comes to those who defend the faith.

You also may want to consider adding Peter Kreeft to the list.


I’m a huge fan of Sungenis and Salza. It was difficult to decide, but I picked Sungenis.


None of the above.

I’d say Archbishop Fulton Sheen first, John Cardinal Newman second, Hilaire Belloc third.


I voted for Scott Hahn, mainly because he led me to Catholicism. I also like Jimmy Akin, Karl Keating, and Patrick Madrid. The others I haven’t read much. Thomas Howard isn’t mentioned and I love reading him. Although not apologists in the traditional sense, I love reading Joseph Jensen’s God’s Word to Israel over and over again, and anything by Raymond Brown.


God is the best Catholic Apologist! :thumbsup:

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock **I will build **my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. " (Matthew 16:18)

What then shall we say to this? If God is for us, who is against us? (Romans 8:31)


They’re probably all great. I’m probably a bit biased because I’m in the middle of Scott Hahn’s book, Reasons to Believe.
( I voted for him - - - he’s great!! ):bounce:




How about Dave Armstrong?


My family and I benefitted greatly from John Martignoni’s apologetics cd’s.


Scott Hahn is excellent on the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. While I find his subtle shift from Calvinistic covenant theology to a broader application certainly a breath of fresh air (none of that double predestination and limited atonement garbage), I think maybe he’s still too Presbyterian in this respect lol.

G. K. Chesterton was probably the best Catholic/Christian apologist of the last century.


Right you are! And I would rate Fulton Sheen as # 1, followed by John Cardinal Newman. I wouldn’t throw out Chesterton, however. :wink:


Salza has the best website (, but Keating is the best at debating. So I go with him.


Shoot—forgot Chesterton. He’d have to edge out Belloc in my list, as his humor makes him more effective than Belloc’s fire.


I was going to go with Hahn – who is brilliant and tremendously influential – but I voted for Sungenis.


Scott Hahn. I like all the others but it was Scott that lead me to become an apologist myself. *Hail Holy Queen *and *The Lambs Supper *are my favorite books of his while Rome Sweet Home is the favorite of my fiance. *Reasons to Believe *is, for me, not a “Hahn Great”. Kind of lacking in some sense (can’t pinpoint it though). Still a very good book though. Hope I could procure a copy of Lord Have Mercy.

I also like Father Corapi very much despite the fact that he said he would not engage in polemics… His talks are still very apologetic in nature… :smiley:

Oh! Oh! And don’t forget Cardinals John Newman and James Gibbons. And of course the great GK Chesterton. Very influencial apologists!!!


Wow. I have no idea. I’d say they are all good in their own specific fields of apologetics. I voted for Tim Staples though because I have personally heard him speak once. :slight_smile:


I had to go with Scott Hahn for now. I haven’t read the others, YET! I would have to say, too, that Scott’s books have a readability to them. It’s easy to pick it up and read it in a week or two and not feel confused. Although a cradle Catholic, I would say he has been very influential in my conversion of heart and deeper devotion to Catholicism and God.

Keep them coming Scott!!!


All of the lists are great and i would add Steve Ray as a really good one. I dont know if he is my top 10, but his debating skills are supreme. As far as evangelical\apologist i really like MIke Cumbie. His dvd’s are pretty good but he is really entertaining and educational live.


Chesterton is my all-time favorite, and I really like Kreeft. However, it was Dave Armstrong who first actually made me think, “Hey, I need to be Catholic.”

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