Best 'Catholic Belief' book in ebook format


Let’s say we had an interesting conversation about Catholic beliefs with another couple and their misconceptions. We are both living fulltime in our RVs and traveling the country so paper books are not readily available. After meeting up with them and having this conversation we have headed our separate ways. The have 3 libraries that they get ebooks from so I suggested:

“Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating
“What Catholics Believe” by Karl Keating
“We Believe” by Fr. Oscar Lukefahr

None of these books are in ebook format at the libraries they use. Anybody have any suggestions, specifically right now dealing with Mary and idols?



The Catechism of the Catholic Church is available online.


Anything by Peter Kreeft or Frank Sheed

“Catholicism for Dummies” by Fr Trijillo

“Why We’re Catholic” by Trent Horn.

Do you know what libraries they use? Hoopla? Overdrive?


If they want to listen to something while they drive they can download podcasts.

I like…

Catholic Answers Live
Called to communion
Open Line Monday
of the EWTN Ap


Specific to Mary and Idols…

Hope this helps

God Bless


This is all great info, I will find out why libraries they use for ebooks.


They use Overdrive and are on the waiting list for “Catholic Mass for Dummies” and “Catholicism for Dummies”.


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