Best Catholic Concordance

I usually use the RSV-CE or DR (and sometimes the NJB New Testament) but am constantly wanting a concordance to find a specific Scripture quote. Since Christmas is coming, I wanted to find out ahead of time which one to let it be known I would like.:smiley:

I have a copy of “A Textual Concordance of the Holy Scriptures” and I have really enjoyed using it. It is based on the D-R text and give the complete verses for the topics you are looking up. Its arranged a little differently than a typical concordance. You look up scripture by topic. However, this makes it useful for any bible translation. The topics are arranged into two major sections…a moral section and a doctrinal section. I’ve attached links to a couple of places to find it:


Thanks for some insight on the Texual Concordance of the HOly Scriptures. I have been looking at purchasing it.

Are there any others that you would recommend?

Here are some word search tools, you can find anything with these

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