Best channel to see Presidential debate?

What’s the best channel for watching the debates? I’m thinking it’s whichever has fewest interruptions, with split screen to watch both debaters (and/or other interesting action in progress). I’ve been watching CSPAN most of the time, but it has little or no split screen, and very seldom shows the clock–I want to see it because it annoys me greatly that the moderators keep giving Obama extra time. Any suggestions on best channel?

How about FoxNews Channel? They do keep most of the ‘rehash’ until the end of the debat.

It will be broadcast live on youtube…

Here >

I’ve watched both debates and I don’t remember ANY rehash during the debate.

So they are safe to watch regardless of your political leanings.

Edited to add: I don’t know that they have different views than any other network. I think they all look the same, split screen when they are allowed (the second debate, there wasn’t suppose to be any) and only showing the clock when the candidate walked in front of it.

I like CNN … they have the speaking time-clock running constantly, split-screen, and also a meter showing the responses of an undecided voter panel.

Here’s the link:

Enjoy :thumbsup:

MSNBC, about the most unbiased of the channels, CNN is next. Avoid Fox.

Yeah, let’s pretend anyone will believe you. :rolleyes:



No kidding, I didn’t realize this was a comedy thread! :rotfl:


Thank you folks, here we go>>>

That’s really hilarious.

FOX is tilted right, MSNBC tilted left, CNN has occasional fits of (apparent) impartiality.

The Live Presidential Debate, on Youtube, has the qualities which you look for. It’s great, too, because you can argue with people on there. :thumbsup:

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