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Can any person here, prefer some man who is married, tell me what would be the “best” type of catholuc spirituality for a husband to follow to help his family spiritually, as well as physically, etc… I know almost nothing about specific spirituality ( carmelite, etc…)


I don’t know that there is a “best” way, but here is what I do. First of all, my wife was raised Catholic but is not strong in her faith. She doesn’t stop me from raising our children in the faith but it makes it harder. I try to read the Sunday readings before mass because I find the readings can be difficult for children to fully understand. I read ahead so I can explain the readings in a way they will understand. It took some time for me to talk openly about my faith, even with the kids, and I’m not sure why. I pray all the time yet no one knows how much I actually do pray. I have been greatly affected by the Mother Theresa prayer, “do it anyway”. I do what I do not to be noticed or talked about as being some great holy man, but I do it for God.
As the father of a family, I look at my “job” as being one that I set an example of faith for the family. Instead of forcing prayer or any prayer devotions on my wife and kids, I explain why I pray - the rosary, for example- and show them how to pray it daily. I have total faith in God and believe that my job is to plant the seeds of faith, encourage its’ growth, and guide the family when they have questions. The rest is up to God, and he has never let me down.
Hope this helps!


G’day traillius
I have found that living the two commandments Jesus gave us has never let me down. Luke 10:25-28 Love God and neighbour. Look up 1 Cor 13: 4-8 to find out what love is. Do this in your family and teach them to do the same and you will please God more than anything else. Hope this helps you may God bless geoff


My husband is an Oblate of St. Benedict. The Benedictine Rule is easily applied to every day secular life.


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