Best Christmas Ever


When will Catholics wake up? Another Christmas coming and we still don’t get it! I’m talkin about the commercialization of Christmas. I feel the pressure around me and I resist as much as I can. (years of indoctrination). I’ve been brain washed badly. Buying toys from China which persecutes Catholics? Buying presents from stores that say Merry XMas? Lets get our act together… join me in spending Advent praying and fasting for our family and friends (greatest present). Go to Confession. (your present to yourself). Then spend Christmas Day with family and friends and celebrate your new birth and the birth of Jesus Christ.
I’m willing to bet your spirits will be brighter and your pocket books heavier. Holiday depression… can’t happen. Lets do it!!:thumbsup: Dear Santa : I could use a new set of golf clubs. :smiley:


Please don’t get your knickers in too tight a twist on this.

1.) I highly recommend a book titled, Dancing With God. It is NOT about liturgical dancers. It is about incorporating the liturgical seasons into our family life. The title takes itself from the authorr’s small daughter, who asked for fabric scraps, which she attached to I think a broom handle. The child then paraded in the yard, raising the broom as high as she could. When asked what she was doing, the girl replied, “I’m dancing with God”. Anyway, the author has some wonderful sections on Advent, and preparing for Christmas- and it doesn’t involve running to the store and buying Wii.

2.) If you haven’t already, join the “Ideas For Homemade Presents” thread. And please admire sanctareparata’s homemade play food, along with faithful2005’s Rosary board and Sabda’s dad’s dollhouse.

There is nothing wrong with store-bought presents, either, as long as they aren’t the chief reason for Christmas. It IS a time to cheer- granted, it is not Easter, but Jesus’ birth is the start of good things to come.


Stick to the thread please. Yours should be a separate post. I think. lOL


What an excellent post! That sounds like a wonderful book!

And I was about to direct this person to the Homemade Christmas Presents thread too! Silver Thread, you really should check it out :thumbsup: There are so many ideas not only of making your own presents, but also for making lasting memories with your family and giving to the poor for Christmas. Some families each just draw one name to make a gift for. Everyone has fun making the gifts and then everyone only gets one gift instead of the secular world’s huge pile-o-stuff. OutinChgoburbs is not off-topic in these suggestions at all!


Just because you feel the pressure to resist, doesn’t mean everyone has to. I know lots of families who do a great job of teaching their kids what Christmas means. It can mean generosity in giving, if it’s done w/ the right motives :slight_smile:

As far as praying, fasting and going to confession, I’d be willing to bet that many people are doing those things. They just don’t come here and post that they’ve done it. If you want to, that’s great :slight_smile: , but not everyone does. —KCT


The above post isn’t meant to sound unkind. There is no right “Catholic” way for a family to celebrate Advent and Christmas. We have lots of great options :thumbsup: . —KCT


:slight_smile: No, it is right on track. It is known as a “counter” or “rebutt” to your post, as you are OP (original poster). :slight_smile: If I was OT (off topic), then I would open my own “thread” but not my own post.

Advent is a hopeful time, in my opinion, not a time for sackcloth and ashes. While some penitence is required, in my opinion, it is a preparation time leading up to a very joyful celebration of 12 days. The preparation makes for a better Advent, in my opinion.

Catholic Sam (short for Samantha) has pointed out that many of us here at CAF are already working toward a less commercial Christmas. That was what I did, as well. I also gave you- take it or leave it- the title of a book with more information on the subject that I found helpful in working toward a more holy Christmas.

We’d still like to you come on over and see what’s going on at the Homemade Christmas thread.:thumbsup: That’s an invitation.


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