Best classic Christmas album

There are a lot of classic Christmas albums from the '50s-'60s time frame - just wonder which ones people here like. I put a few of my favorites in the poll, but feel free to suggest others!

Christmas at a Trappist Monastery

I love me some Nat King Cole. Funny thing is, though, I never really cared for the “The Christmas Song” itself (the song, not the album).

Actually same here- not my favorite song on the album. I like his “O Tannenbaum”.

Edit: scratch that, I love his “O Holy Night”. Note that the Nat King Cole album is the most “religious” of the 4 that I posted (although they all have a mix of traditional Christian and secular songs).

I voted “other”, and nominate GREEN CHRI$TMA$ by Stan Freberg:whistle:

Where’s Loretta Lynn? A “best classic Christmas album” poll with no Loretta Lynn?

Tsk, tsk. :tsktsk:

I guess that does fit the genre of 1960s Christmas albums. But it’s not one my parents ever played, which is the real definition of “classic”.

I had to vote “other” because you did not allow multiple choice.

Andy Williams and Bing Crosby are tied for number one.

Ummmm…there’s a question about this? Clearly, Nat King Cole with Bing Crosby in second place. All others just wish they could be so awesome.

Sometimes we just have to make tough choices.

Personally I agree, those are the best two; the ones that bring back the fondest memories of Christmas as a child. However I chose Bing Crosby. I used to listen to “Christmas in Killarney” over and over and over again.

You forgot A Jolly Christmas by Frank Sinatra.

remember Mitch Miller?

my dad picked up the latest album at the Firestone-RCA store each year when he got his snow tires put on, they were great

radio reception is not great out here but I just found a station playing the classic Christmas songs from 50+ years ago, pretty cool, just had Gene Autrey (and the Chipmunks but at least I won’t have barnyard chickens and Christmas shoes)

I knew there had to be a classic Sinatra album; I just didn’t know which it was…

don’t remember the album but Ole Blue Eyes singing I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day is a favorite

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