Best Currently-Living Thomist?

Who is the best currently-living Thomist philosopher/theologian? Thanks

It’s kind of hard to say, since they all specialize in different things. The best in terms of moral philosophy and ontology would be David Oderberg. In terms of virtue ethics Alasdair MacIntyre is the best. In metaphysics we have John Wippel, Eleonore Stump, and Gyula Klima. In philosophy of religion it’s Brian Davies and John Haldane. In terms of logic, Tuomas Tahko is good, although he’s more of an Aristotelian. There are many others. Generally speaking, the best Thomists these days will be within this tradition:

Most of these people you can search up on google and find plenty of free articles to either download or read online.

I would also add Christopher Martin (for an analytical Thomist approach, though I am no fan of that approach at all).

I would also recommend Peter Kreeft for apologetics. Joseph Boyle for ethics/moral theology.

Greatest of all (now that Ralph McInerny has died) would be Rev. Benedict Ashley, OP, whom I had the pleasure of hearing speak about the Thomistic Philosophy of Nature about 10 years ago.

And, don’t forget V. E. Smith, for analytical philosophy, particularly that philosophy dealing with Aquinas’ Five Ways.

Although I’m not sure he is still alive and writting.

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Oh yeah. I forgot about Christopher Martin for a second. You can read parts of his strong defense of the five ways here:

I’m not sure about V. E. Smith. I haven’t heard of him, though I am now interested. However, I can’t find anything.

Smith wrote a very good book called Philosophical Physics.

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