Best Die Hard

I just saw Live Free or Die Hard. It ROCKS!
So, which of the series is the Crown Jewel.

The crowl jewels of this series has got to be the first one. The best cast of the four, the best implimentation. And the first use of “yippie kay aye mother******”, a saying will go down in history as one of the best movie catchphrases of all time.

The one that has Robert Patrick (sigh, drool) in it. He gets blown away, BTW.

Nothing beats the original.

i love the orig and the last one so far!

One was the best, 2 is not bad, almost as good. 3 was horrible, didn’t see 4.

  1. the first.
  2. the second.
    3)the fourth.
  3. the thrid.

Thrid was good after the awfulness that was the thrid one.

only thing wrong with the last one was that he didnt get to say the line Yipee . . .Im sure you know the one Im talking about!

I haven’t seen #4, so

1.) DH w/a Vengeance – by far the best of the three. Jeremy Irons is an excellent bad guy, much better than Alan Rickman in the original. Samuel Jackson is excellent and the story is well-written.

2.) DH, the original.

3.) DH2, a VERY distant third. I think somebody said, “Hey, Die Hard was a hit, let’s make a sequel!” so they threw together a script, hired some actors and made a shoddy excuse for a movie.

dude, the ONLY good thing in DH3 was the scene where he had to walk through harlem with the sign, cause that was funny! It was twisted and brilliant!

DH2 was the airport one. . . airports!

I said the last because I hadn’t see the others ones in some time. Great special effects in the last one and Bruce’s smirky remarks never so good!

Thats why you buy the DVD and watch the directors cut:D (much better that the theatrical release because there’s no annoying looped dialogue). And the line is in there as well.

But I would say:

  1. the original nothin beats it
  2. fourth
  3. third
  4. way, way fourth.

The first is the best. The 4th was a bit of a stretch. I mean how many times can a guy fall about 50 feet and not break a bone. On top of that, (spoiler warning - highlight the below to see.)

A guy downloading data from hundreds of blade servers to CDs, DVDs, or even BlueRay is simply not possible. And it would take a whole lot of time, not just an aftenoon in a server room.
Oh, and then there was the insane scene on the back of the jet fighter.

Anyway, I know there not supposed to be realistic, but at least be believable.

Not only is the first the best of the four, but it’s one of my top ten favorite movies and my favorite Christmas movie.

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