Best Diocese for Warm Fellowship and Orthodox Teaching


We reverted to Catholicism 2 years ago after 30 years as evangelicals. We have found a few orthodox Catholics in our diocese, but there is no real sense of community. We have heard that there are areas where warm fellowship and good orthodox teaching is taking place among Catholics. We have heard northern Virginia, Stubenville, Florida, Texas, Tennesee.

What’s it like in your area?


Can i just say that I (although not in America) belong to the most welcoming community I could ever want to belong to. We have many different ethnic groups all participating in some way, and all sharing. I am getting married in 6 weeks and the church pastrol council said they want to, and have booked the building belonging to another church for the reception. The Catholic womans group is catering and some woman wants to do the cake. Everyone wants to participate it is so good, good to be Catholic and part of this comunity.
God bless you all.


Some places in Texas are pretty good, some places pretty bad, its a large state with many dioceses, each with their own gifts and characters.


well the diocese of orlanod is NOT that way in my experience, maybe, Good Shepheard in Tallahassee is though…FL really depends on where you are


Steubenville is great, although, I think mainly from the university and all the famous professors and their families there. However, the church communities outside of the university are alive and thriving too. The city itself is kind of not doing too well economically due to all the steel mills closing, so it’s actually quite a depressed area. I went to school there and my husband’s mother grew up there, and I’d say it’s strongly Catholic with an awesome bishop, but making a living there, you’d have to look in Pittsburgh or some place outside of the city itself :).


The Diocese of Wichita [Kansas]. I just moved here and I love my new parish!


We live in Steubenville. Our bishop is great and community life is good here, but I have to agree with the economy not thriving around here. I grew up here though and my family is here. I’ve been to the Witchita Diocese in Kansas and it is awesome! There is a parish St. Monica’s in Edmond, OK, that is also thriving- right near Oklahoma City, OK. I’ve heard that Lexington and Covington, Kentucky, are pretty orthodox. The bishop of Covington was actually our parish pastor in Steubenville before he was ordained bishop a few years ago. The diocese of Denver, CO, has a great bishop and there are parishes in the Denver area that are thriving. The Kansas City, MO/KS, area have different bishops, but I have friends working in both dioceses that have good things to say about it. St. Paul, MN, has a community connected with the diocese- I can’t remember the name of it at the moment. And the diocese of Sioux Falls, SD, also ranks up on top. I guess all of these dioceses are based on personal opion, experience, and word of mouth from friends. But hope that it helps.


I am a New Zealander and I lived in Whakatane a 25,000 population town for about thirty years. We only have one church community their and it is mixed European’s and Maori (the ethnic group of NZ). We all get along very well and love to sing at Mass as well as help each other out. I guess that is a reason why there is so much joy, people love to chat after mass and I guess that’s why I love the community there. You can feel God’s presents there.:thumbsup:
I now live in Hamilton and of all the communities here I love the small one I belong to. We are 203 strong and have 7 singing groups and it is hard to get into a group because everyone wishes to partake, which shows the strength. We always chat after mass and if you need halp there are always groups to do so.


Instead of focusing on the diocese, which could be pretty far-flung, like say, the Diocese of Rockford or Peoria or Belleville; why not focus on finding a good parish, and branching out from there? Your parish is supposed to be your “home”. :slight_smile:


Someone just proposed making a sub-forum for that very purpose


I live in the Lexington diocese…our bishop rocks, but be forewarned, we are in a major housecleaning stage. Many parishes are NOT up to par. Some are on their way. There is a alot of promise for the future here.

As for Covington, I really don’t know…other than that Bishop Foys allows the Indult for the Tridentine Mass there (even celebrated an Indult Mass at the Basilica…very beautiful) and that’s always a good sign. But as someone said…within a diocese you’ll have a mixed bag. It’s all about the parish you are in.


i used to live in the covington diocese; i left long before the new bishop came…there are so many churches one would be sure to find a great one…i loved Blessed Sacrament in Ft. Mitchell

it is a nice area too!


St. Louis is awesome. Great Archbishop, many great Parishes, a lot of lay movements, great Archidiocesan Family Life Dep’t and a few NFP only Docs.



The Springfield Illinois Diocese is definitely NOT where you want to go.



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