Best Ever Movie or TV Cowboy

I know that in real life there is no one out of Hollywood that can accurately portray the real cowboys of Americas Western expansion but What Actor do you think best personifies the American Cowboy?


Augustus is very much on point.
Call was good too.

But for reality, Bulldogger Bill Pickett is the star.

Maybe the time has come for Hollywood to make a bio pic of Pickett’s life. that would be cool.

I would have to agree:thumbsup:

John Wayne–need I say more?:smiley:

Yep, he was a good cowboy for sure. A real one too!

As far as cowboys go John Wayne does it better than anyone .

Isn’t it a sin to name anyone but John Wayne? :smiley:

John Wayne was a terrific actor. He played wonderful characters. But he was NEVER a real cowboy.
Glenn Ford and Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda also played great roles as cowboys. Clint Eastwood played cowboy roles.
Kurt Russell, Robert Urich, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot, James Garner and Kevin Costner have played cowboys well.
But these gus were actors. Not cowboys.
Then there is Ben Johnson. He was a real cowboy and an actor.

I agree. Great picture, by the way.

Robert Duvall’s greatest role and the greatest western ever made, in my opinion.

Roy Rogers!

I would agree too!

Yep, I forgot about Roy! He was a good one:thumbsup:

Gotta Love John Wayne. An all time favorite and an American Icon:thumbsup:

My vote is for Ben Johnson!!

Also as a kid I LOVED Trampas from the Virginian. I had the biggest crush on him:D

The thread isn’t which actors are** real** cowboy’s but which actors played a great cowboy. My vote has to go to John Wayne. He was THE DUKE.

I agree. I think even duvall even said so himself. To say i am a massive fan of John Wayne and Clint eastwood is an understatment. but lonesomedove is by far the best ever western. It had everything. But most of all it had a sence of reality. One of the best movies ever.

:o I agree with every name posted so far, but… I just have to add George Strait (who may not be an actor, but certainly knows how to rope and ride… and sing!)

Ben Johnson, the real deal on and off the screen.

Then John Wayne, even if he did hate horses.

How about Sam Elliot from “The Big Lebowski”?

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