Best First Mass?

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Here’s the situation: I drive a disabled woman to Mass each Sunday. She wants to bring her two little granddaughters. Since her daughter is not a practicing Catholic, they have never been. However, the grandmother has their parents permission to take them to church - if and only if I’m there to watch them. The grandmother and I have been talking about when to take them to their first Mass. She thinks a celebration - like Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday - would be best because the church is beautiful. I think those would be too long for their first time. They’re six and eight years old.

I’m not a parent and don’t have a lot of experience with children. What do you think? We’re hoping the children will like it and want to return. They haven’t been baptized and whether or not they become Catholic in the future may depend on their grandmother’s influence. Unfortunately, I’ll be moving away in six months and the grandmother won’t be able to go to Mass anymore. But I’m getting off track - any advice from you Catholic parents out there?

Palm Sunday is long but I think that Easter Sunday is more a regular mass length.

Not a Mass but Good Friday may be a good experience (they would be able to join in the veneration of the Cross). It does have the length issue though.

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I would find the readings and read them beforehand so it’s familiar. (We’re in Year A) I’d also try to familiarize them with the songs if you can get access to those. Go early, sit near the front.

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This is a good idea, I’ll ask her if she’d like to go on Good Friday. Thank you!

Sounds good, thank you!

This year was my Frist Tridentine Triddum and Holy week! Ive made it one whole liturgical season attedning the Traditional Sacraments. It has truly been a blessing.

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