Best Free Audio


Here’s a couple of links where you can download some great free talks.

I especially like the ones from Fr. Larry Richards in the next link

And Free (well, $1 off the internet) CD and Tapes

Any other suggestions?








This was just updated with a new lecture. Excellent stuff!


I have some links for free Fr. Altier items!

Fr. Altier is a Priest from the diocese of St. Paul, MN. Very detached from the world (he doesn’t do TV and parish laity do his computer posts). He is largely responsible for the 15 or 16 Priest candidates that were ordained this year I understand. That doesn’t surprise me.

Anyway free fundamentals of Catholicism course . . .

Free Fr. Altier talks

And free daily Mass homilies . . .



I like John Martignoni’s audio a lot. $1 for s/h

I ordered just a few, and then after listening to them ordered the rest :smiley:


[quote=michaelgazin]I like John Martignoni’s audio a lot. $1 for s/h

Let me second this! MichaelGazin lent me some of Martignoni’s material, and that guy is right on! I highly recommend him for any beginner-to-mid level apologists (like me…er…well…ok, more on the beginner side!).

Also, you may want to go to michaelgazin’s new site:

If you look closely, you may find things worth listening to…

God bless,


I almost forgot our beloved Catholic Answers Radio Archives.

Excellent free audio soon to be avail. in MP3 format too I understand.


[quote=C S P B]If you have the capability to listen to MP3 audio, then download the series “Fundamentals of Catholicism” by Fr. Altier. This and tons more can be found at or can be directly accessed at the following address.

The advice about books is very good but if you commute to works or prefer listening, there is a lot of good Catholic teaching available on audio.

Saw this on another thread and thought I’d post it


OK, where were you guys when I needed you!!!:smiley:



[quote=joefw]Check out this link:

For audio in mp3 format. Some GREAT audio there. Click on the hyperlink: online library

Scott Hahn’s Study in particular can be found on this website at:’s_Plan/

Thanks to our brothers at EWTN, I have found some of the most enlightening (and free!) Bible Studies. Tim Gray has done a couple of series on the Gospels of Mark and John. You’ll find that Mr. Gray, though he may not be the best speaker, has tapped into a well so deep, he’ll keep your attention throughtout the whole series.


Thanks, I just include a couple more from your link


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