Best French Bible for a beginner


Hello everyone. I have been learning the French language and it’s been coming along quite nicely. I want to buy a French Bible but I don’t want the “KJV” version of French as it may be tougher to understand. Is there a new NIV or ESV version of a French Bible that would be in very modern French?

I’m Canadian so I don’t know if that makes a difference, haha. Thanks.


Hi Dr,

The best French bible is La bible de Jérusalem. It is known for being close to the original while having great literary value.

Recently published is the official liturgical bible, from which the mass readings will henceforth be taken. La Bible. Traduction officielle liturgique. If you choose Jérusalem, the $59 edition seems to be the best buy.

Both are available on Amazon. I would recommend the liturgical bible, as it it supposed to be in simpler language.

Good luck.



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