Best friend having medical testing


My friend Jo, has had some tests, & is going back today (Wednesday) for results, & possible more tests…She has been having problems for some time, & they are checkig her for a possibility of cancer.
The alternate would be a really deepseated infection of some sort. She is like my sister, really, & I am very shook up. Also, this is the friend who is raising her grandchildren, along with her son. So she has two little ones to care for…
Please, if you all could pray for her, for her family & friends, & for wisdom for her doctors.

Thank you all, in advance…I have not been posting much, but be certain that all intentions here are prayed over in my prayers each day.
God bless all here.


Medical problems of any sort are hard to deal with… you and her are in my prayers… just keep being there for her… i know she appreciates being loved…


Praying for your friend.


Will keep Jo…and you…in daily prayer


Father, Divine Healer and Physician, we humbly ask you to guide these doctors and allow them to diagnose Jo. Then help them to treat her with the utmost of care. Father, you know the needs of this woman raising her grandchildren. Her and her family and friends need strength to make it through the unknown. Guide them and hold them up with your love and mercy. In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


Lots of prayers for you and Jo :byzsoc:




Will keep this in my prayers!


Praying for Jo…


Jo will be having more tests done today. That will decide what she needs to have in the way of treatment.

Thank you all so much for your prayers.


Will be praying for you and your friend.
If you can, please let us know how the results go.
God bless

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