Best friend with SSA

My best friend has SSA, I’ve recently found out… I have this as well however we are opposite genders, but I for one haven’t and never will act on it, she on the other hand is dating one of my friends and I’m not comfortable with it… I don’t know what to do, she knows what I think of it and if she asks for advice I always say I can’t comment because I’m not condoning it. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to be uncharitable but I’m not comfortable with it and I feel it’s my fault because that person I introduced her to was my friend, but I never knew this would happen… please help and pray for us

Well, if she knows your position, there is really nothing else you can do. Just try to show her through your actions that a chaste, celibate life is also fruitful and that she has no need to be in a same-sex relationship in order to be happy. Actions, of course, speak louder than words. And in this instance, harsh words against her situation, although true, are not going to do anything for he time being and might simply alienate her from the Catholic Church.

One question, though, to help further the discussion of this thread. Is your friend Catholic?

May God bless you and your friend and keep you on the Way of His Truth! My prayer are with you both! :slight_smile:

No she isn’t Catholic :frowning:

This is tough. Unless you are going to support her actions then you must be ready to accept consequences of that. This has happened to me when a close friend demanded I support her relationship with a married man. I didn’t do that and our relationship has never been the same since. (Thankfully, she came to her senses and left him.)

These things happen often: people put us on the spot and ask from us what we can’t give them. Perhaps you can sit her down and honestly tell her what you think and explain that you don’t feel comfortable discussing these things. She either respects that or she doesn’t. Friendship is a two way street and she needs to understand that.

When this has happened with me I have been given no choice as the other person got aggressive before I even said anything simply because of my faith and ended the friendship. It is very hard and unrealistic for a relationship of any kind to survive with this kind of deep difference.

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