Best frozen dinners


I am going to be making dinners for someone who is sick. I want to make a bunch and put them in the freezer. What do you suggest are the best meals to freeze? I am thinking about the thawing process as well and what happens to the taste and texture of the food.


Caserols…but then my DH makes a month worth of meals for us and freezes them they all taste great and no texture issues either.
We do use a Food Saver for most of the meals except the casserols.


Stews work really well. Make a veggie beef stew and then freeze it. The person could then put it in a crock pot and let it defrost slowly. Works great!


Try a pan of frozen lasagne.


lasagna! When we had the twins people made dinners and froze them for us. The lasagna was by far the best!


Soups and chili freeze beautifully–add some fresh bread, salad and…voila you have a meal!


From having done this in the past, my best bets are:

Beef stew
Fried Rice
Chicken Pot Pie
Shepherd’s Pie


We love to make big pots of chili and freeze at least half for those nights when neither wants to cook. It’s a treat to pull that out of the freezer and have a homemade dinner anyway.


My first thought was Stouffer’s Lasagna, but you mean real food!!

Stews freeze well for me. One thing I learned from experience–don’t put rice in them and then freeze them. I’ve frozen a casserole with rice and it’s been all right, but for a stew, it doesn’t work. Use a grain like bulgar for that. I also make a big pan of lasagna, which freezes well.


Lasagna for 1-2.

Use any recipe of Lasagna.
Make it in small disposable foil mini or regular loaf pans. This way they do not have to cook a whole pan of lasagna and care for the leftovers. It is just enough for 1-2 people for 2 meals each.

I frequently do this for my Grandma. You can do the same with small portion sizes of spaghetti, ravioli, any pasta.


Thank you! I cook tomorrow!



Since you’re cooking tommorrow, I’m a little late on this, but has 3 different groups of 20 recipes to prepare and freeze. They do cost $8.95 for each group (I think that’s the price), and I haven’t purchased one (yet), but I do use some of the other recipes they sell there. All of them come with shopping lists and assembly directions. Hope this helps someone!



Chilli, lasagne, taco pie, enchiladas, tuna hot dish (send the potato chips for the topping in a separate bag), beef stew, pot pie, chicken and dumplings, split pea soup, veggie soup, baked spaghetti, shepherd’s pie, pasties, calzones, pizza.

If you want to shop and buy if you can find a sale, the most popular frozen entrees in the facult lounge are Marie Calendar Pot Pie, and Lean Cusine Lasagne.


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