Best Guitarists

Name who you think are the best guitarists.

My top 3 (can’t think of more than 3 at the moment):

  1. Slash
  2. The Edge
  3. Richard Kruspe (for those who may not know, he’s the lead guitarist of the german band Rammstein).

Les Paul
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Glenn Campbell
Roy Clark
Eddie Van Halen
Steve Vai
Robert Johnson
Jimi Hendix
Brad Paisley

But, NOBODY Can Pick A Guitar As Good As a Great
Bluegrass, Country, Jazz or Classical Player!!! ~ NOBODY!


BB King
Randy Rhodes
Peter Frampton

Eddie Vaan Shaw-- fastest fingers you ever heard. Blues, though, so not the power chords you might be used to. His dad is Eddie Shaw Sr., legendary sax man. Give a listen:

Eric Clapton

Johnny Ramone
Eddie Van Halen
Richie Blackmore

No one better than “Slowhand” Eric Clapton


George Harrison would have to be the best!

Andres Segovia
John Williams
Eric Clapton
Eric Johnson



Phil Keaggy {IMHO, THE best!}
Peter Frampton
Eddie Van Halen
George Harrison
Eric Clapton

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
Rick Neilsen (Cheap Trick)
Brian May (Queen)

A thread about guitarists is incomplete without Alex Lifeson (Rush) and Joe Satriani.


Wes Montgomery
Herb Ellis
Kenny Burrell
Joe Pass (He must have 6 fingers on his left hand)
Mimi Fox
Emily Reuler
Charlie Byrd
Barney Kessel
Jim Hall
Rory Block
B.B. King
Chuck Berry

And the man who started it all, Charlie Christian!

Only ONE Phil Keaggy nomination??

You uncultured savages. :wink:

…uuum a joy and a delight to listen to.

Jonny Greenwood

  1. Andre Segovia
  2. Christopher Parkening
  3. Julian Bream
  4. Pepe Romero
  5. My nephew, Nicholas Kowaleski
  1. Jan Akkerman (of Focus - see “Hocus Pocus” on YouTube) plus his later work as well.

  2. Johnny Winter

  3. The Nuge

Chet Atkins–“Mr. Guitar”

This is just one youtube. Enter his name and listen to all his good stuff.

Adrian Legg
Dominic Frasca
and of course, Andy Segovia

I second Joe Pass and Barney Kessel. Simply amazing.

For acoustic, Michael Chapdelaine.


Oops, almost forgot. Esteban. :slight_smile:

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