Best Guitarists

Carlos Santana

Whoever said Johnny Winter ya got a point there. :smiley:

:doh2: I cannot believe I forgot The Nuge. He’s awsome. My mom saw him in concert.

Django Reinhardt

YES let’s not forget Chet Atkins

Another over looked player & Great is Jeff Healy
See The Light LP is out of this world!!!

Joe Pass

My personal favorite is Paul Waggoner of BTBAM
one of the most amazing rock solos ever. The sweeps at about 1:15 are sublime!

Eric Clapton!

Mark Knopfler
Carlos Santana

Give a listen:

Django Reinhardt is obviously the best there ever was.

But there is also Joe Pass, Eddie Lang (hello!).

For blues I like Charlie Patton, Lemon Jefferson, Blind Wille McTell, Blind Blake, and the rest of the litany.

Reverend Gary Davis is also a contender with Django as the best I think.

God Bless

Jon Winterburn

I think Linsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac is to be considered among the best.

Here are my choices, in no particular order:

Glen Campbell
Willie Nelson (very simple style, but a great musician!)
George Benson

God Bless,

I haven’t heard much Eddie Lang who I think was primarily a rhythm acoustic player but I know he was pretty versatile. In that style, I would make the case that Eddie Condon had better chops.

If Pass must have had six fingers, Django was at the same level with only 2 workable digits.

Check out Rory Block if you like Blind Lemon et. al.

Clapton fans should check out Rory’s Crossroads above.

Ditto Willie Nelson. Miles Davis thought he could swing. Check out the CD Two Men with the Blues in which Willie plays with Wynton Marsalis.

“Space” [size=7]Ace

Ottmar Liebert
Christopher Parkining
Carlos Santana

Among some already mentioned…

I would like to add, Dickey Betts

Prince. 'Nuff said.

Listen To Some Great Playing!

Crossroads Guitar Duel - Steve Vai - AMAZING!


Eddie Van Halen - Eruption

Stevie Ray Vaughan- Texas Flood

Stevie Ray Vaughan Little Wing
Much Cleaner Player Than Jimi

You have some good ones here. But check out my Rory Block post above.

She’s OK but, I don’t care for the voice

**Here is a girl from Ohio that has the best Blues Voice
I’ve Ever heard in my life!

She’s not famous yet but, I don’t think it will be long for she is!
Hence her new EP is titled Almost Famous!**

**Kristine Jackson (Live)

Kristine Jackson - Another Day Music Video

Kristine Jackson - Mary Belle

She Wrote This Song & She Voice is Amazing!
She sounds so Mature!!**

Wow!All the players mentioned have "taught"me a lot by listening to their chops.May I add a few:Warren Haynes,Dereck Tucks,Gary Rossington,Angus Young,Allen Collins,Hughie Tomlison,D.Hlubek(Molly Hatchet),Steave Gaines,Ricky Medlock,Gary Moore and Keb Mo.:thumbsup:

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