Best Homeschool Program


What are the best homeschool programs out there which are
faithful to the Catholic Church & are top notch in instruction?

Could someone give a list of them?



I also am curious. We have struggled with homeschool curriculum. Both of my kids are homeschooled. We use Alpha and Omega Life Pack and Horizons. There have been a few problems with us disagreeing with some of the lessons. I remember having a good laugh when my children where confused over a question on how many books are in the bible. They couldn’t understand why the answer had fewer books then they counted in the bible… lol


there is seton and catholic heritage curriculum. These are both good.


Mother of Divine Grace




Here’s a good guide site: Catholic Homeschool


I am of the belief that there is no one way to Catholic homeschool. I believe that there has to be a balance between the method that “clicks” with the parent, and one that “clicks” with the individual child.

Here’s a list of the different Catholic homeschool curriculum providers out there:

Here’s a free Catholic teacher style test to help you narrow down the curriculum:

And here are some books about Catholic homeschooling that may prove helpful:

“Catholic Homeschooling” by Mary Kay Clark (traditional method)

“Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum” by Laura Berquist (classical method)

“Catholic Education: Homeward Bound : A Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling” by Kimberly Hahn & Mary Hasson (eclectic homeschooling)

“Homeschooling With Gentleness: A Catholic Discovers Unschooling” by Suzie Andres (unschooling method).

Hope this helps.



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For a Catholic education committed not only to a traditional classical education, but also to revitalizing the Catholic family life, check out the Classical Liberal Arts Academy online, at We have enrolled with the CLAA and it has been life-changing.:thumbsup:


We are using CHC (Catholic Heritage Curriculum) and Seton.


is a good one, too–out our price range, though :frowning:


If I were homeschooling today, I would use either:

Calvert w/Faith and Life for religion, followed by The American School with Didache for Religion in high school




Another vote here for Classical Liberal Arts Academy (CLAA)! Our three girls are enrolled and really enjoying it. Nothing else like it. Best of luck in your curriculum search. :)


I used Seton with my 5 kids for the past 16 years... I've homeschooled for a total of 40 kid-years! Wow. I never counted it up like that before. LOL Anyway, we love Seton!


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