Best Image of Saint Michael


This is the best image I have found of him. They should make this a framed painting. What do you all think?.


Here it is with prayer.


This is AWESOME!!! Where did you find this??? How can I get it?


It is awesome isn’t it. I clicked on it and got to the site where it is and then right clicked and selected save as. I saved it to MY Pictures as a jpeg image.


I want a big ole poster of it!


Just click on magnifying icon on lower right of current picture of St Michael fighting Satan on front page and you can then click on next arrow to see other images.


That’s what I said when I first saw it. Don’t know who created it. But it is AWESOME!!. Just how I have always pictured him!.:thumbsup:


He looks like Conan the Barbarian or something in that picture… to me anyway…:shrug:


I have liked these 2:


Have you ever seen the icon Archangel Michael of the Apocalypse?


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