Best In-Depth Catholic (or philosophy) Podcasts

I know we all like CatholicAnswer’s podcast.

Leaving that aside, what are some great podcasts that tackle Catholicism in a more in-depth manner. I’m not looking for Catholic101 stuff. I’m looking for something much deeper than that.

Also, good philosophy podcasts are welcome!

Thanks in advance. Happy All Souls Day!

I would love to hear about some as well!!!

Good thread, OP!!

It’s not a podcast, but Crash Course has an excellent philosophy series on youtube.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I’m not sure these are what you had in mind. These are not shows with give and take/question and answer formats. They are sermons and talks but I believe they do meet your criteria of ‘in depth’ Catholicism.

Not Catholic, but I like:

I really like “The Partially Examined Life” podcast. They pick a piece of writing and discuss and explain it as if they were all new to philosophy. They have a general set of rules before each podcast about not assuming anyone read any of it before and abstaining from referring other articles and books unless they can explain them as well. The latter rule keeps people from saying, “You’d understand if you’d only read X”. It’s a great podcast to listen to philosophy and they have a large collection of things they’ve done

The Partially Examined Life is excellent. Philosophy Bro is good too, if you don’t mind salty language. It’s written in the style of a frat boy dude-bro explaining ideas in philosophy.

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