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My friend is getting married next weekend. I’m his best man and need to give a toast/speech. I’m having a horrible time coming up with anything. Anyone have any suggestions or know of a website with suggestions?



In my opinion… personal stories are always the best.
Think of some story involving the two of you… hopefully including a little humor… maybe with a good moral ending… maybe something about learning a lesson the “hard way” with a little tease.
Also mention his new bride… maybe include a short story of how you saw his heart melt for his new love…

It doesn’t have to be long… but those personal touches are always the best! :thumbsup:


At my younger brother’s wedding, I was the best man and I and all the groomsmen participated in the toast. One of them, who went to college with my brother told a little story about that, another told a high school story and another who was friends their whole life told some random story and I talked about when we were little kids. It seemed to go over very well.


Keep it short, keep it sweet, and keep it clean.:wink:

I always liked the one from the old movie, The Quiet Man:

May their days be long, and full of happiness;
may their children be many and full of health;
and may they live in peace…and freedom.


Keep it short, keep it sweet, and keep it clean.:wink:

Perfect! And don’t drink more than one alcoholic beverage before giving the toast. (One drink may help you relax . . . :wink: )


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I have done this a few times. Here are my suggestions:

Make it personal, describe your friends virtues sincerely
Ensure you add some details to show he has some work to get to sainthood. Little anecdotes from amusing times together
Describe what his wife can expect (good stuff with a little humor what she has to work on)
Why you think they make a great couple
Describe what you expect their children to achieve (humor with a combination of their strengths)
Note their faith and how God is blessing them


This is good advice! I wrote the speech my husband gave at his best friend’s wedding for him. :o I don’t remember all of it, but something along the lines of:

  • A few backhanded compliments to the groom. Keep it light and fun, with enough information for guests to understand the jokes–inside jokes do NOT belong in a best man’s speech.

  • A few flattering compliments to the bride. (She helped my husband move out of his apartment just a few months before. My husband’s speech said something along the lines of “Whether she’s carrying a sofa down a narrow flight of stairs or a bouquet of flowers down the aisle, everything Jane does is full of grace and with a cheerful smile.”)

  • Why they were compatible.

He refrained from talking about God and children because the groom is not Catholic, but in hindsight, I wish that we had included something about children and something about God, since those are HUGE components of the Catholic marriage vows and it WAS a Catholic wedding.


I can't remember much of the best man's speech at my wedding because I was trying hard not to laugh because he was reading it off his phone in a monotone voice. :rotfl: I think he mentioned Star Trek, though.

There's nothing wrong with finding a good best man speech online and tweaking it to fit the wedding your're attending. Nobody will know and it will probably sound a lot better than if you try to come up without something completely on your own. The bride and groom might appreciate a few in-jokes thrown in too.


Try to stay away from cliches and "naughty" jokes.

It's always nice to say something about why the bride and groom are better together than they are separately -- sort of "the whole is more than the sum of its parts."

This might sound silly, but go to the Hallmark store and read a bunch of wedding cards. Some of the sentiments might remind you of the couple, and you could plagiarize a bit. :)


Oh, there is also this nice Irish Marriage Blessing:

May God be with you and bless you
May you see your children's children
May you be poor in misfortune and rich in blessings
May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.


My best advice is to keep it clean. Wedding guests want to smile when they hear the speech - they don't want to cringe.


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