Best Merton book NOT Seven Story Mountain


I have read Seven Story :smiley:

Please list maybe two in the following fashion (with 1 being your first choice, obviously):

  1. such and such

  2. such and such

Over to you. :cool:


The Silent Life

The Wisdom of the Desert



Seeds of Contemplation


No Man is an Island! Such a wonderful book!


Where to begin!!! as it happens, I’m making my way through his journals now but in addition to any of those already mentioned, I’d recommend The Sign of Jonas but really, you’re spoiled for choice.


*]On Opening The Bible.
*]Contemplation in a World of Action



What you say may be true and I belive Merton himself had the same sentiments, but as for myself, if I had not read it first of the multiple books or collection of his writtings, I have read, I feel I would not have even given them the chance to be read.
It helped to make mewant to learn more about the man and be open to his ideas and thoughts.

Maybe not his best but a must early read of Merton.

  1. Seeds of Contemplation

  2. The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton

The only two I have read :slight_smile: But I intend to read more (I have Wisdom of the Desert)

I’d like to read more of his stuff dealing with Asia, as well.

  1. The Inner Experience
  2. New Seeds of Contemplation

Best audio (so far since I have not listened to all of them){

Your Search for Meaning (Recorded February 11th and 13th, 1968).


“Mornings with Thomas Merton” I keep it on the kitchen table where I have morning coffee and prayers. And “wisdom of the Desert” on my kindle that I take everywhere.

  1. New Seeds of Contemplation
  2. Contemplation in a World of Action

I should also note that, as a historian of religious life, I really like his book Waters of Siloe and Sign of Jonas.


I have to second this. Probably my favorite Merton book. :smiley:

Conjecture of a Guilty Bystander is a great one, too.


Thoughts in Solitude and The Sign of Jonah… I love Merton and have been spent some time at two Trappist Monasteries…


Wondering which two, hermitsong?

I’ve been to Gethsemani and Genesee and have found both to be quite awesome. Genesee is much closer to where I live, so I go there more often. They are currently doing a renovation of their beautiful stone church up there. Should be done soon.

Merton is amazing.


I visited Genesee…and spent a month there as an observer…and Mepkin in South Carolina…but I really loved Genesee…its like home to me…I would love to visit a Carthusian Monastery but there an none close to me and I think they except only people who are going to join permanently…


I’ve read a lot of Merton’s books – there are a lot of great ones – but the one I’ve read over and over again is New Seeds of Contemplation.


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