Best Mouse for Hand/Wrist


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a computer mice that is easy on the hand and wrist. I spend all day at work at the computer and then at home I spend a fair bit of time on computer as well, Needless to say I feel my hand tightening up and getting a little on the uncomfortable side over all this use of the mouse

Does anyone have any ideas on a mouse that puts less stress on the hand/wrist? I have seen these funny looking ergonomic mice at the store but I was never sure if they actually work or just another way of charging triple the price of reg mouse


I used a joystick mouse like this one for years at work (I’m a software engineer). It takes a little getting used to, but it really does take the strain off.

Other coworkers have had good things to say about trackball mice (for example: However, I could never quite get the hang of one of those.

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