BEST movie in theaters RIGHT NOW!

Does anyone know what the best film in theaters RIGHT NOW would be?


Pirates,of course!!

Seen it - not that I liked it too much. Too many sex jokes. And the Goddess bit - esp when she was freed from her body and shed her clothing in the process of growing…

I’m talking about the Best - most moral. Most fun.

The only ones I know of seem bad - Knocked Up, Shrek 3, Surf’s Up (just plain boring), etc.


Hmmmmmmm - there are thousands of excellent films to rent. There’s nothing to see at the theatre. So make some popcorn, put your feet up, and pop in a good dvd.
My next Netflix movie is “Padre Pio: Miracle Man”. Can’t wait…

I liked Pirattes of the carribean 3 when the caravel blew up! that was REALLY funny! :rotfl: And I loved it when Jack sparrow and Davey jones had a swordfight it was cool.:cool:

Shrek 3 wasn’t that bad. It was easily the most bland of the series.

SERENITY :thumbsup:

Explore R S

It is currently being shown on the big screen all around the world, but only in limited release so you have to be in/live near one of the cities where it is playing. There are dozens of cities in the US and it plays in Chicago on Friday evening.

Proceeds from the screens fund the charity EQUALITY NOW which is a world wide woman’s rights group that is fighting issues such as female genital mutilation and “honor” killing of women.

Knocked Up is the best movie i’ve seen in theaters in a long time. While it may be crude and vulgar, the hilarity and the message far out weigh the bad.

i wouldn’t let any children under 18 go near this movie… they wouldn’t get it and its only approprate for adults.

God bless,

I personally think Ocean’s 13 is the best, but then again I LOVE these movies. They’re fun and carefree.

Try reading up on the movies (all of the new releases) here ( to discover the appropriateness of each film and it’s rating (not what Hollywood think it’s rating should be).

I don’t know if this is still in theaters, but Spiderman 3 has an excellent treatment of the concepts of revenge and repentance. The overall tone of the film has a very wholesome quality.

The National Catholic Film Office reviewer gave it a very enthusiastic review. I personally reccommend it for young and old! :thumbsup:

If it’s still playing where you live, Disturbia is worth checking into. It’s a very good movie.
I saw Evan Almighty today. While not as good or funny as the first movie, it wasn’t bad. It’s a good family movie.
Knocked up is just plain bad. Few cheap laughs, but not worth your time or money.
Pirates was very good. Not as much comedy as the first two, but the action is really good.
Best movie I’ve seen in a while is actually not even released yet. I was lucky enough to catch the sneak preview of Ratatouille last saterday. LOVED IT!! It’s really a must see. I thought Pirates was going to be my favorite summer movie, but Ratatouille took it’s place. It’s something you can take kids of any age to, and yet enjoy it as an adult.

I really enjoyed the Nancy Drew movie. It is just so unusual for Hollywood to show a girl as sweet, intelligent, competent, and chaste! All of the “normal” teenagers in the movie considered her to be really strange, but Nancy really didn’t care what they thought. I think it would be a good movie for a pre-teen girl to see.

Hear hear! Oceans anything is great (for older teens and adults, of course).

I must say I am getting excited for Ratatouille to come out, though. I thought it looked dumb when I first saw previews, but the reviews have made me change my mind!

You and I, melen, we’re on the same page!! :smiley:

I did not see this movie, but my wife & sister-in-law took my 12 year old daughter and her friend to see Nancy Drew over the weekend. Their reviews were mixed.

My wife & S-I-L both complained that the movie mocked the Nancy Drew books and was not very intelligent. Both of the 12 year old girls thought the movie was very good, not the best they had seen, but certainly a good movie that they enjoyed.


Recently there was a BBC poll and SERENITY was just named the BEST Sci-Fi movie of all time, beating out Star Wars. There is also another poll running that has FIREFLY (*the TV show that was spun off into the movie SERENITY) *as the 2nd best TV show of all time (I think “Bonanza” was voted as the #1 show of all time). Clearly people like us are “in the know” when it comes to good quality movies/TV :thumbsup:

Fantastic Four! (because my daughter worked on the visual graphics).

Really? That’s pretty cool.


Yeah. It was a fabulous project. I’m going to see the movie tomorrow. I get to yell and whistle when her name comes up on the credits! Fortunately, whenever I have done that, I’m the last person left in the theater.

That’s nice I guess - I just disliked some of the content in the movie. Not that I’m blaming your daughter :wink:


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