BEST movie in theaters RIGHT NOW!

Heck: she’s worked on some of the ugliest movies known to man. E.g. the remake of Bad News Bears. Dis-GUST-ing!

okay, why would she do that movie?


The landlord thinks she should pay her rent regularly.

Ha… thats a good one:D

Has anyone seen A Mighty Heart? If so, please comment.

Dh and I may go to a movie later this week and are undecided about what to see. —KCT

“Mr. Brooks” is pretty good if you like psychological thrillers. Kevin Costner takes a break from his usual good guy character. It also stars William Hurt and Demi Moore.

I agree - very good themes that I didn’t expect from Hollywood, especially in a sequel.

Pirates was a disappointment and I couldn’t get past the hanging of women and a child (which was an outrage) and the shooting of one woman between the eyes and a second execution style in the Singapore raid scene. We got the idea that the bad guys were bad - no need for horrible scenes of killing women and children to ram the point down our throats.

But - Spidey - great stuff.

Saw it this afternoon. I highly recomend it (not for young kids though). Be prepared though, it is very hard to watch. It’s not very violent, no sex, some cussing but not like what you hear in most R movies these days. But it’s hard to watch emotionally. Angelina Jolie is superb in this movie. If she doesn’t win Best Actress I will be very shocked.

Wow, that’s great! Just ask her why they decided to make Galactus into a cloud, and not in humanoid form as normally seen in the comicbooks.

I’m glad threads like this exist.

I’ve been fortunate movie wise since I joined the Church. Also, I turned off the TV 3 1/2 years ago, and watched only the Holy Father’s funeral Mass and the Olympics.

Sometime ago, I began buying DVD’s of good movies. You know, it has a story worth telling, it was told well, and acted well.

Really the way to go in my book.

When you have 70 years of Hollywood from which to cull, choices present themselves much more plentifully than what at the video store today.

Evan Almighty.

From my daughter:

Tom Rothman didn’t think I giant man with an enormous purple helmet was very cool and that it would have been too silly looking…But if he * is a true fanboy then he should have noticed the silhoutte of Galactus’s helmet reflected on the shot of Saturn being torn apart, as Galactus approaches
Earth and on the inside of the Galactus storm cloud right before the Silver Surfer explodes…

Actually, Galactus was never even seen in the original script, because of the above reasons…But they decided to add all those sequences about six weeks before release to explain the story better…hence me & hundreds of other people working 24/7…

Based on their track record, I predict that Ratatouille will be the best movie of the summer. Pixar has never made a bad movie.

I had no expectations for Cars despite the outstanding productions of Toy Story1 & 2, Bug’s Life, The Incredibles and Nemo! Yet Cars delivered the same outstanding level of entertaining story telling as those that preceeded it.

Indeed, Pixar’s secret is the high priority they put on the story. I know I will not hesitate to take my grandchildren to see it and am confident of buying the DVD when it is released.

You’re predictions in my opinion are spot on. I saw the sneak preview and it is the best movie of the summer.
I agree with you on Pixar. They seem to really focus on telling a good, quality story in their movies.
This is the best Pixar movie yet. It’s a movie that kids and adults will both love.

] best Pixar movie yet

High praise indeed! :clapping:

That is high praise indeed!! :clapping: Thanks for the heads up!

Taking the family to see this tomorrow. Steven Greydanus gave it a mild thumbs-up, USCCB liked it, and I’ve heard that it’s values-friendly.
Works for me.

I’m a restauranteur so I’m biased, but I saw Ratatouille tonight with my wife, 2, 4 and 7 year-old daughters and 13 and 14 year-old nieces. Everybody loved it.

It was a good wholesome movie. Notably, AFTER the boy meets girl, he gets a new big apartment and she DOES NOT move in with him.

I don’t know how it would compare to other movies in theaters right now, but I went to see Evan Almighty and really liked it. I thought it was both funnier and cleaner than Bruce Almighty. There were some theological difficulties, but they were relatively minor and didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the film. I also read a positive review of the film on Catholic Exchange:

Best movie in theaters right now? That title goes to Pixar’s Ratatouille!!
I went to see it with some friends on Friday when it opened… we ALL loved it.

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