Best Movie This Year?

It says it all in the title really. Whats the best movie you’ve seen this year ?

I love Harry Potter

Pixar’s Up.

My dad hates animation and he watched it twice.

If you are strictly speaking about movies in 2009 - I really enjoyed The Wrestler (I think it came out in 2009, or very late Dec '08). Public Enemies was pretty good, but not great.

In terms of any movie I saw this year… I had never seen Sunset Boulevard (1950) or In the Heat of the Night (1967) until this year. Both of which were great movies.

Fireproof…a great movie for all those who are/will be married!

The Princess Bride of course. It is classic. hahaha

This year? As in came out in 2009? I know I’m going to get beat up for it, but I loved Transformers.

As in movies that came out on video this yr? Gran Torino.

I really enjoyed Transformers, too! I also liked The Proposal, although I wouldn’t say it’s the “best movie of the year” it was definitely cute.

I would say Star Trek.

I LOVE Harry Potter and the new movie is VERY good but not exactly what I wanted from the book… the remake of Star Trek however was very refreshing and I felt offered things for new and old fans alike.


I enjoyed “The Proposal” – laughed the whole time.

I don’t know that I would say it’s the best but for sure the big shocker for me was “Star Trek.” I went to see it just because my friend wanted to see it, and I was so pleased with the way they had done it.

Taken, and I Love You Man

The Hangover :wink:

With so many new movies man it’s hard to choose…I love Harry Potter, but Transformer’s has even greater entertainment…then there’s The Hangover had a good point to the story, lol, Oh man, THE PROPOSAL, I couldn’t stop laughing at all!!! LOL I still have several parts of the movie stuck in my head I replay them over and over and just start cracking up… I finally saw Bride Wars that was kind of interesting cute ending… but I will have to say it’s between the first 2 movies I mentioned…those were really good!! :smiley:

Star Trek.

The proposal was very good, but as a geek it has to be Star Trek!!!

Though after watching 3 seasons of Heroes this summer, I look at Spock a bit differently.

Spock <> Sylar

Hands down: Slumdog Millionaire … just saw Defiance on DVD and liked it alot.

Movies that disappointed: The Reader - as the mother of a teenage boy - too graphic for me, and UP - too sad.

Star Trek was amazing and the critics seem to love The Hurt Locker which alot of people are saying is going to win oscars and it’s one of the best war movies ever.

I’ve only seen one movie this year, and it was awesome!

Star Trek

I rarely see movies ‘in the movies’ anymore…so I’m always a few years behind everyone else. :blush: I did manage to see the latest Harry Potter with dh and the kids on vacation last week…I hope that isn’t the best picture of the year. lol It was good, but definitely not in the ‘best’ league, in my eyes.

…the best movie of the year is the Scarlet and The Black (with Gregory Peck) 1983.

still the best movie of the year and every year since then… IMHO of course:thumbsup:


Great movie. It had a really cute story, and was surprisingly deep :slight_smile:
I also liked not having to worry about being uncomfortable watching it or closing my eyes or ears during the whole film :slight_smile:

I saw it with my boyfriend. Great date night :slight_smile:

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