Best Movie This Year?

As far as movies released this year, I’d have to go with Up or Star Trek. But if it’s just movies I’ve seen this year, I’d go with Gran Turino or Let the Right One In.

If you’re not familiar with Let the Right One In, it’s about a young person who falls in love with a vampire. Unlike Twilight, it’s a young, bullied boy falling in love with a vampire girl. Also unlike Twilight, it’s actually good. It’s a Swedish film so if you don’t like subtitles you may not like it, and it may be too much for some tastes. Otherwise, it’s a pretty exceptional little movie.

For anyone interested in meditation, and spirituality… I would highly recommend the documentary film… “Into Great Silence”. It was shown, again… last night on EWTN. And it is available on dvd.

Absolutely gorgeous photography. Sublime chanting, by the monks of the Grand Chartreuse Monastery. It’s more than a film. It’s a serene, relaxing experience.

God bless.

I go along with those who said Star Trek. As an original Star Trek fan I found it sooooo close to the original characters. Saw Harry Potter the other night and yes, there were things missing from the book. I thought is was a bit choppy. Now thinking about next year I am anxiously awaiting Alice in Wonderland but that will have to wait until March.

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