Best musical artists

Ok, I am just interested in what other people’s favorite artists are. Also if you want to say the reasons why they are the best in your perspective.

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Just way too many…

That’s hard to narrow down. I like musical artists in many different genres of music. But who would I actually go see in live concert, and who do I spend money on for CDs? (I’m not into itunes yet.)

I think that Riders in the Sky are excellent. They’ve been around for 30 years now, and still going strong; we saw them in concert a few weeks ago. They’ve won Grammys (Toy Story 2 soundtrack).

I like Beausoleil with Michael Doucet–they do traditional music of Louisiana–Cajun, zydeco, R and B, etc. Doucet has researched traditional music by interviewing elderly Cajuns and recording their music.

The first musician that came to mind when I read this thread title was k.d. lang. She has a gorgeous voice and was always very creative. Not sure what she’s doing now.

**George Jones **is, IMO, the best of the country musicians. I also like George Strait. As for women, I think that **Dolly Parton **is amazing–extremely talented and very smart.

I love Johnny Cash–he was a unique talent. An American storyteller.

My guilty pleasure is Ronnie Milsap. He combines so many things that I like–Rhythm and Blues/soul/country, great piano playing, and good BIG songs. I’ve seen him in concert several times, and look forward to getting his sacred songs album.

The rock music of Queen and Meat Loaf. I also like **Adam Lambert **(American Idol second place last year)–same “big” voice. To me, rock music is “BIG” music, and the voices, people, instrumentation, and staging should all be much bigger than life. Perhaps this is one reason I’m not particularly fond of “Christian rock.” But I did love **Larry Norman **(RIP)–a pioneer who kept performing right up to the end. I saw him in concert a few years before he died–he had a major effect on my older daughter’s faith.

And I like Sandi Patty–a magnificent voice and she has introduced some of teh best Christian contemporary songs (e.g., Via Dolorosa, We Shall Behold Him, etc.).

I really like Gwen Steffani. She’s creative–anyone who can turn “The Lonely Goatherd Yodel” from *The Sound of Music * into a rap/rock piece is going to get my attention!

I love Taylor Hicks! I realize that he hasn’t been the commercial success of some of the other American Idols, but he is still a good soul man and does a fantastic live concert.

**Andrew Lloyd Webber **and **Stephen Sondheim **write the best musicals, IMO.

Classical–it’s hard to say. Classical music is bigger than the personalities who perform it.

And of course, I’m a **Susan Boyle **fan–again, a big voice! She hasn’t been around long and may fizzle out, but I hope not. We need magical fairy tales like hers to encourage us!

I like many many local musicians in my city, but won’t list them here.

The B-52’s
Michael Jackson
Social Distortion.

The five artists that were standard issued to every suburban kid growing up in the 1980’s, to paraphrase that line from “Wayne’s World” about “Frampton Comes Alive.”

Loreena McKennit. (Her voice is absolutely beautiful. I can listen to Highwayman all day long.)

Eric Clapton (Tears in Heaven, White Room from his Cream days; oh yeah.)

Daft Punk (I like to dance, and their music makes me dance!)


Come on, there has to at least three artists that you like that stand out from the rest.

Interesting. I like some of your choices. But when it comes to American Idol, Adam is very good. But if you haven’t have David Archuleta, you should definiitely give him a chance. He has an amazing voice!

Keith Urban :thumbsup:

I’ve been listening to a ton of MuteMath lately. I mostly listen to classical, but lately it’s been contemporary music.

The Smiths
Over the Rhine
Elmore James

*]Dream Theater - Berklee College dropouts who can play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and sing circles around most musicians. :slight_smile: They use unusual musical time signatures that are ordinarily only found in classical music. My favorite song of theirs is the 23 minute A Change of Seasons.

*]Sonata Arctica - Amazing Finish power metal band. Their vocalist does some pretty cool stuff IMO. My fave songe of theirs right now is It Won’t Fade.

*]Nightwish - Orchestral metal band, formerly with a classically-trained female opera singer as their lead vocalist, now with a more straight-forward soprano vocalist. In the 2008 Olympics, the U.S. female synchronized swim team did a routine to Nightwish’s The Poet and the Pendulum. A proud day for America. :slight_smile:

Right, but the one who I have heard of is Micheal Jackson. I may look into the music of Oasis.:thumbsup:

Start with “Wonderwall” by Oasis, from “What’s The Story Morning Glory,” which is an infinitely better album than The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper:


U2 is my all time favorite. They are completely brilliant. I just saw them live and it was one of the best moments of my life. They really inspire me, and I love that a lot of their songs have christian meanings. And the Edge just rocks my socks:p

I also like the german band Rammstein. alright, I know they can be a tad vulgar, but they make for a good laugh.

Muse is quickly becoming on of my favorites. I really like alternative rock, and they are really good. They were U2’s opening act.

Some other artists/bands I like:
James Blunt
Franz Ferdinand
Sara McLachlan
Within Temptation
Green Day
Gun’s n Roses
Led Zepplin
Ted Nugent
Arcade Fire
Damien Rice
White Stripes

Madonna and Michael Jackson. No one beats the king and queen of pop. They are the best musical artist because they contributed a lot into the music industry. They are both truly music icon.:slight_smile:

I agree, and without naming Classical musicians/composers right now. Jars of Clay, Tait, Casino Versus Japan, Lisa Hannigan, David Gray, Bloc Party, Project 86, U2, Coldplay, Hooverphonic, and Neil Finn. :thumbsup::cool:;):D:cool:

The Smiths…There is a light that willn ever go out is a great tune…they made some great stuff. Their lyrics were quite troubling…the good news is Morrisey is now living in Rome and is said to be sympathetic to Catholicism

Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, Pavement, Smiths, Blur (early stuff), Andrew Bird, Boo radleys (Giant Steps), Rachmaninov, Chopin, Faure, Willy Mason, Idlewild, some Bob Dylan…the list is exhaustive .All nominated with the reservation that some content in their oeuvre’s are morally questionable (except the pre 20th century one’s!).

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