Best NFP Resource?


My fiancee and I are getting married, and we wish to practice natural family planning. Other than general things, though, we don’t know very much about its specifics.

We have found classes we can pay to take, we have found resource packets at our nearby Catholic bookstore, and we’ve heard there may even be online resources.

The packet we saw at the bookstore was significantly cheaper than taking the classes would be. My question is, does anyone know if the classes themselves are more effective than the packet? Has anyone in these forums just bought the packet, and been okay without classes? Has anyone just had a terrific experience at the classes, and feels that we would not be fully prepared if we didn’t take them?

Thank you very much for any advice you can offer!


Well, as someone with very difficult-to-interpret fertility signs, I think it’s imperative to have classes with an individual NFP teacher who can really go over your charts with you on a one-on-one basis. We have been to both CCL and Billings Method classes and found that the latter worked better for us. It’s a matter of personal preference.

That said, I do know of “self-taught” NFPers who have managed to get the system down. I do think those women had pretty straight-forward cycles and relatively easy-to-interpret fertility signs, though.


Take the class. I few dollars extra is worth the access to the instructor to ask questions, and if you have a serious reason to avoid it’s worth the peace of mind also.

I learned Creighton, which does not have a self-study option. It is instructor led, either in person or long distance. I think the instructor piece is very important.


We learned NFP after my second child was born, and while we were practicing Ecological Breastfeeding … and we used the CCL home study course!! If we can do that, then anybody on a regular cycle can learn the STM at home. I called our counselor (they give free phone support) exactly two times during our learning period. She was very helpful.

So we’re partial to the Sympto-Thermal Method, although there are several good options. STM seems to be the most comprehensive, error-proof one.




Depends on your learning style–an instructor can be good, or on your own if your motivated. Either way can work online course



I think its very important to have a teacher. Especially if there are health issues, not only for interpretation, but to recommend health action.

Also, Creighton is covered in some insurance companies.


I bought the Art of Natural Family Planning. There really isn’t any instructors closer than 1.5 hours away from us and even if schedules permitted, it’s not something either of us is comfortable talking about with a stranger :blush: So we’re just going by the book. Maybe if we have an unexpected blessing we’ll consider formal teaching but I think as long as we don’t bend the rules we’ll be fine. The book does give a LOT of extra information that seems unnecessary to me, I keep it simple. But that’s just me :shrug:


Go creighton & take a class!!! You will be glad you did.


An unexpected bonus of these forums is that there are lots of people here to help answer NFP questions, too! I’ve had help from time to time, and it’s nice an anonymous! :whistle:


Go to our website, Click on the “NFP How to Manual” on the top line of the home page. Download it; it’s short and free. Read it and get yourself a quality basal thermometer. Make and chart your daily observations of mucus and temperature. You can download free charts from the home page. Unless you have some health problems, you will most likely be able to teach yourself very well. NFP is not rocket science. And you have plenty of time to chart and understand your cycle pattern. If you think you need additional help, you can either email us or attend a local class.

At this website you will also find other materials valuable and relevant to NFP.

John F. Kippley
NFP International



OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S JOHN KIPPLEY!!! Thanks for all your work; you’ve changed our lives!!! :extrahappy:

(Can I have your autograph? haha)



Thank you all so much for your replies! We’re not entirely certain, but since we’re just starting this family life, there’s a good chance we’ll try the suggested online strategy guides first. Then, if things don’t work out, we can get the rocket scientists in the classes to advise us.

Again, thank you all so much!


I know you just posted that you will probably go with the online option. However, I cannot express enough the importance of someone actually teaching you.

My DH and I practice Creighton, also. The instruction, moral support and words of encouragement are just a few of the positive aspects of the method. I have gone through some incredibly crazy anovulatory times. If it weren’t for my instructor, I don’t know what I would have done. She always had just the right words for me when I began to doubt myself.

God bless you and your fiance. I am sure that God will richly reward you!


John and Sheila Kippley have both posted here. Though I am sure they would never say this, I will. Do NOT go to The Kippleys were forced out a few years ago (I have this per Sheila on another thread) and the new leadership of CCLI is taking the organization in some disturbing directions.

Go to as suggested by Mr. Kippley.


I screwed up the first link–it should be the link that everyone else has posted. Sorry about the error.:blush:



I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but your comment and lack of support other than “I have this per…” sound more like hearsay and gossip.

If you could eloborate further and have some firm support about why one should not use CCLI, I think it would be much more helpful for all of us to understand why you say what you say about CCLI.:shrug:



Gee, thanks for assuming the best about my intentions. :cool: I was trying to help the OP find the best NFP resource, which was what was asked of us. IMO, CCLI is no longer the best. I don’t go around just spreading malicious, untrue gossip. I only posted what I did because of what Mrs. Kippley herself told myself and others.

Here is the thread where Sheila enlightened some of us to what is going on at CCLI:

And here are quotes of her posts from it:

For brevity, the Seven Standards of eco-breastfeeding are spelled out at at the free online NFP manual, Part 3, on the Home Page.
Second, Leeta (#12 message) was wrong on the effectiveness of eco-breastfeeding prior to the first 6 months of life. With the Seven Standards, it is almost nil chance of pregnancy the first 3 months and 1% for the next 3 months. After 6 months, without any fertility awareness or abstinence, the chance of pg prior to the first period is 6%. Amenorrhea should last for 1, 2 or more years with eco-breastfeeding. By nature’s norm to have menstruation return within the first 3 months of childbirth should be the exception, not the norm. God’s way is good.
Third, a brochure promoting the benefits of breastfeeding is free at the above website on the Home Page. This brochure can be used to promote breastfeeding at your church and in your community.
Fourth, it appears that CCL will no longer teach ecological breastfeeding in their new teaching program. Their website has not been changed and contradicts what has been coming out of CCL. The CCL website continues to strongly promotes EBF and has not been changed to show what is actually going on. Go to the “blog” in the upper right corner of and you can review EBF/CCL on the right side of the blog. There are 6 blogs on the changes at CCL regarding breastfeeding and the dropping of “ecological.” My husband is now blogging on the changes at CCL with regard to the theology.
Sheila Kippley

We stopped running CCL in early 1999. We were disemployed in the fall of 2003. Things became so intolerable by December 2003 that we left the CCL Board.

It has become clear that the current management is revoking the three basic charisms on which we founded CCL back in 1971—ecological breastfeeding as a form of NFP, the covenant theology of sexuality to explain and defend Humanae Vitae, and a choice-oriented approach to systematic NFP. That’s why we are now doing our best to keep alive through NFP International the tradition we founded in 1971.

CCL has refused to sell its founder’s latest book, Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood. Go to to read the excellent reviews for this book. This decision not to accept a review for this book for CCL’s Family Foundatitons and not to sell this book was a CCL Board decision.

Many still associate the Kippleys with CCL. We asked those who knew the situation not to raise a fuss. In addition, we were silent about our separation at first because we were hoping CCL would continue the teachings we brought to the League. Unfortunately, we have been disappointed. Sheila Kippley



Thanks for those links. I can only speak for myself which is why I started the post with an apology, but I think the link to the thread in the context of your previous statements about CCL are clearer to me. Thanks again.


Since you brought it up, I’ll go ahead and post that my wife (yes, I originally made this post at sort of the “last minute” :rolleyes: ) has since let me know that she’d probably feel more comfortable with one of the classes. Seeing as though this is the sort of issue that will affect her in a more physical, immediate sense than me… well, you know! Regardless, I have this thread saved for all the advice and resources you all have offered. Thanks again!

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