Best non-American TV shows of all times

Follwing on the tails of the most OVERated tv shows of all time, and wanting to ask a somewhat different question – here I go.

First, American TV shows are EVERYWHERE! But what about undiscovered gems from other places.

So the question to Americans is what is your favourite non-American show. If you are an American perhaps you like Fawlty Towers or Are You Being Served. How about Skippy yteh Bush Kangaroo :slight_smile:

Then to, non-Americans – what of your home grow TV is so good that you’d love to share it with the rest of the world.

For me it would be:

Allo Allo
Murder Most Horrid
Bless Me Father
Upstairs Downstairs

DaVinci’s Inquest
This is Wonderland
11 Cameras (a bit ‘adult’ in situations but truly engaging!)
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Corner Gas
PSI Factor

Prisoner (aka Prisoner Cell Block H – so bad its good!)

God bless


I loved Upstairs Downstairs and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I was also pretty addicted to the Colombian soap (novela) “Café con Aroma de Mujer.” I didn’t understand it all but it was great.

Top Gear!

Very British, strange looking people & mostly funny jokes!

Sancta maria, Mater Dei, Ora pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Best TV show = Red Dwarf.

It is the best show ever, except maybe Big Bang Theory, but BBT is American, :wink:

+2 on Fawlty Towers, Top Gear and Red Dwarf (though not so much for the final two or three seasons).

Corner Gas is great.

Absolutely Fabulous

BLACKADDER!!! Probably one of my all-time favourites.

Mr Bean.

Father Ted (for those who are OK with the slightly salty humour).

Vicar of Dibley (anyone seeing a theme here?).

Australians don’t do good sitcoms for some reason, but there’s some fantastic sketch comedy out here.

Anyone catch the kerfuffle a few years ago, when the APEC summit was being held in Sydney, a couple of jokers on a tv show hired some limos, put Canadian flags on them, and got well into the restricted areas of the summit venue before being challenged? The way they did it was just brilliant and hysterically funny.

Of course some of the best comedy really comes from reality shows rather than the scripted stuff.

Red Green

Are You Being Served?

The Prisoner (with Patrick McGoohan)
Upstairs Downstairs
Father Ted
Da Vinci’s Inquest

As for Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, it was a ripoff of Flipper.

Don’t remember that wuzzy dolphin ever piloting an aircraft nor playing in a musical band. Skip was just the greatest! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Dr Who

Wire in the Blood

Lillies (short lived, but very good series)

Mr. Bean!!! … lol and the pink panther


British comedy:
Fawlty Towers, a classic unsurpassed ('don’t mention the war!).
Blackadder, second and third series are my favorites.

British drama:
Poirot, the best mystery series on either side of the pond in years.
Midsomer Murders, haven’t seen this show in a while, at least on on American TV. Worth catching if you like intelligent mysteries.

All Creatures Great and Small,
Mr. Bean,
Upstairs Downstairs
Coronation Street
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Absolutely Fabulous
Inspector Morse
Wire in the Blood
Antiques Roadshow

The Late Late Show
The Irish RM
Trom agus Eadrom


Well, I haven’t had the opportunity to watch anything non-American besides British television, so my ‘best’ list is going to be totally British.:smiley:

As Time Goes By–Judi Dench is flawless!
All Creatures Great and Small–Robert Hardy is flawless!!
The Vicar of Dibley–the entire cast is flawless!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and not sure if this counts as it was a mini-series, but it was made for TV so hopefully it will count:

Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version starring Colin Firth. It was sheer perfection.

Father Ted! :smiley:

Regard the mention of Father Ted, I have known priests that absolutely love it and those that absolutely hate it. One priest who was at our parish though it it was great. Another one, who was from Belfast, thought it was the most dreadful thing on TV ever.

I have watched it, and thought it was funny in places, and questionable in others.

I will admit to liking Vicar of Dibley very very much. All religious/ dogmatic issues aside vis a vis the CofE, the universal thing that Dawn French’s character imparted was the humanness of members of the clergy. Plus, I liked the gentleness of the comedy.

Ballykissangel is first rate. I haven’t watched it all, but really liked it.

To bring it together, I liked the special thing that was done for either Comic Relief or Children in Need called Ballkissdibley – that brought Ballykissangel and Vicar of Dibley together.

The best though, because I long for a simpler time, has to be Bless Me Father. It is rarely seen in the states This is the description from ye old wikipedia

*Bless me, Father was a British situation comedy starring Arthur Lowe, Daniel Abineri, Gabrielle Daye, Patrick McAlinney, David Ryall, Derek Francis and Sheila Keith. It was aired on ITV from 1978 until 1981 and described the adventures of an Irish Catholic priest, Father Charles Duddleswell (Lowe) and his young curate (Abineri) in the fictional parish of St. Jude’s in suburban London. … The series was set in 1950.

If you ever get a chance to to see it, you must!

God bless


Without question, Doctor Who!

Are You Being Served? should also be on the list.

There’s a real parish of St. Jude’s in East London and I shouldn’t be suprised if there’s many more. The one in East London was my parish during some of my youth and was where I was confirmed:-

Anything with Arthur Lowe in is worth watching as he is a magnificent comic actor.
As to Whiteacre girl who likes Red Dwarf I can only say,'Would you like some toast? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Benny Hill.

I’d put Benny Hill in my worst tv shows ever column. It just shows how tastes vary as I know people who find him hilarious but he just bored me.

I am surprised these didn’t get a mention:
The Avengers (with Diana Rigg, of course)
Monty Python’s Flying Circus (the parrot shop skit with John Cleese makes this my number 1)

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