Best online store to buy icons?

I know I asked this in the past. Now I have some money to actually buy one, where is the best place to buy one?

I’m a big fan of St. Isaac Skete: To my knowledge they have the largest selection available online. :thumbsup:

I am fond of the icons available from Holy Transfiguration Monastery, and have several.

Question: are you interested in economical iconography (normally, prints mounted on wood of varying degrees of quality offered in most online stores), or do you want a true and traditionally written icon?

The general best:

If you like their designs: Holy Transfiguration Monastery

If you want the Moscow Patriarchate’s generally excellent and affordable mass-market icons from the sofrino factory: Alexandra International.

If you want a “fake” painted one: (ie mass production painted) thes are common in Greece, if people are interested I can google for a supplier

Real hand-painted icon: look around, find an iconographer you like, and then contact him/her. One I recommend is a Bulgarian Deacon who sells occasionally on ebay, rspasov iconography. I’m sure he’ll take custom orders.

I will personally vouch for the Holy Transfiguration Monastery. I have 35 Icons from their store:

I have several Icons from St Isaac of Syria Skete:

I suggest Pope saint Gregory the Great, and their saint Patrick. By far my favorite icon producers.
“Come and See Icons”, based in Pennsylvania is also great, especially Nick Papas’.

Our own forum member, Pani Rose, has a wonderful site called Agape Icons that you should check out. She is the wife of an Eastern Catholic deacon in Alabama. They offer some really great items for Eastern Catholics:

Don’t know anything about that one other than I came across it and thought it looked better than some of the usual low quality stuff I see online.

A biritual Dominican Friar who writes icons and teaches others to do so.


I’ve seen some nice icons on Conciliar Press. Has anyone bought anything from there? Because I was also thinking about buying a few other things form there. has a variety of icons and products. Really nice, lots of choices and inexpensive. You should check it out. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Question about the “wood mounted” icons from Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Can you describe how they are mounted on wood and what the appearance is? My wife was concerned that they would come off looking like a poster or something “cheap” or “cheesy”. When I thought about it, I was unable to describe the process to her and the ensuing appearance or quality of presentation.



I mounted an Icon printed on photo paper (at Walmart) using mod podge (decoupage) via information I read on the internet. I don’t know the process for HTM.

HTM Icons are very high quality. I consider them higher in quality than A majority of my Icons have come from them. They have never pealed off. One of my Icons from has pealed slightly. They usually come to me [Alabama] in eight days. Here are a couple pictures of one from my Mac’s camera:

Thanks for that. I have been trying to decide what to do. I really cannot afford to buy hand painted icons but we would like to have a couple around the house.


*8 working days. :wink:

I mounted an Icon printed on photo paper (at Walmart) using mod podge (decoupage) via information I read on the internet. I used a board of wood from Lowes that I had them cut to a good size. I don’t know the process for HTM. HTM is a wonderful source of mounted Icons. I have 20+ from them.

I have two small icons from, so I would second the person who recommended them. They are very nicely printed and include a nice little card that gives a little description and history of the image.

I bought from these guys and the icons I got are awesome!

Even our priest recognized the Russian company that makes the icons and say they make high quality icons and would even do entire churches.

I have purchased a hand written Icon from this Iconographer . It is beautiful and was greatly appreciated by the recipient. Her prices are very reasonable

We need pictures!:smiley:

These are stores people should avoid
Monastery Icons

The icons by “Brother” Robert Lentz. He supports gay marriage and pagan worship.

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