Best parody/humor song ever

Since there are best and worst song threads…

Well anyway.

Here is my nomination:

I have not laughed harder in a long time.

But a close second:

I kinda like Nick Alexander, the “Catholic Wierd Al”


Nahum, Zephaniah, Malachi

I get a kick out of Weird Al – he’s the first concert I ever took my kids to.

I like this one which kids put together during a workshop on editing last fall:

Sarah Jackman *by Allan Sherman

(* Sadly, not the Allan Sherman/Christine Nelson version, but nice to know it is still appreciated)
Honourable Mention to Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max with the same caveat, mutatis mutandis.

*The Elements *by Tom Lehrer


Not exactly a parody song, but I always thought that Loudon Wainwright’s “Whatever Happened To Us,” reflected a little too accurately on love and marriage in modern times. I thought it should have been titled The Divorce Song.
(Not a great rendition; the recording was better.)

Not a parody, but one of my all-time favorites.

Some days it seems like not a bad idea.

White and Nerdy by Weird Al.

Im not saying it`s the best ever but it is one of my favs and you have to see the video at least once.

I’m a big Brian Wilson fan, so even though I don’t really like Weird Al, I do like his homage to Brian, “Pancreas”.

There are some really tough arrangements in that song. I didn’t realize that he had that much musical ability. I also like that he captured many of Wilson’s musical quirks, like the “woo-woo” train whistles that permeate “Smile”.

Big fan of Tom Lehrer and Alan Sherman.

Although much of Pinkard and Bowden’s material is X-Rated, they do have a couple of songs I like: “Guns Made America Great”, “Libyan on a Jet Plane”, and “Freeloadin’”.

A little trivia for you: Pinkard and Bowden were a part of a house band with Glen Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon. They became Linda Rondstadt’s backing band and, eventually, Frey, Henley, Meisner, and Leadon left Rondstadt to form the Eagles. Pinkard and Bowden declined the offers to join the band because they didn’t think it would go anywhere and that they could make more money writing and doing studio work.

It took about fifteen years, but they eventually had a couple of hits on country radio in the 80’s with songs like “Mama She’s Lazy” and “Driving My Wife Away”.

Ironically, in the 90’s, two former Eagles, Leadon and Meisner, formed a band called Run CnW to do parody songs, too.

The rest of the Eagles, of course, not wanting to be outdone, actually became parodies, themselves.

I love “The Scotsman” (I forget who sings it) it’s about a drunk guy who gets himself into a rather compromising situation, and wakes up to find a “surprise” lmao!

Wierd Al Yankovich definitely, anything he does
I also grew up on Spike Jones, and would like to find his stuff again

You Tube delivers! You want Spike Jones - I give you Spike Jones:


Of course, Weird Al is great and definitely my favorite in the parody genre. Since most of the posts are about him, I thought I’d go with something else:

Baby Got Book

The best line, in reference to the number of books in the Bible: “But if your Catholic, you have more!”

Recently heard the song “I Can’t Watch this”

It’s now my favorite.

(PG rated, guys)

This song is rightfully called “The Perfect Country Song.”

It was written by Steve Goodman at David Allen Coe’s request and I think it’s one of the greatest humor songs ever. It pokes fun of an entire genre of music and does it perfectly.

The first part of this YouTube is just a typical country song called “You Never Even Called Me By My Name.” Just a tear in your beer country song. No big whoop.

It’s at 3:06 that the “parody” starts. I would suggest listening to the first 3:06 minutes just to warm up for the parody.

Don’t miss the heart-warming picture of “Mama.”

Allan Sherman: You Went the Wrong Way, Old King Louie on My Son, the Nut. (1963) This album is probably his best.

My faves:

Cheech and Chong, “Basketball Jones”

Denis Leary, “Traditional Irish Folk Song”

The Squirrels, “Seasons in the Sun/The Hustle”

How could I have missed this one? Allan Sherman was WONDERFUL!!!

Valley Girl by Zappa. The video is so dated.

Like, fer sher.

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