Best Pictures of my Home Altar- isn't it lovely?

Hi All,

Some of you have seen my little Altar before- well I have recently been using “flash” on my phone camera and it makes an amazing difference to the snaps- I have added and been given a few little items since I last uploaded a picture of my Shrine and well I want you all to see it and let you know I pray for you all here, before my beloved devotions- Saints and Our Lady!

I hope you like it.


It is very lovely. God bless you.

You have some lovely statues and pictures there. Very nice!

I love it, its beautiful…Where did you get the Fatima ? It reminds me of the one in my Parish when I was a kid.

Lovely. Just don’t invite an Evangelical - it will confirm their worst fears :wink:


I have a large collection of Blessed Mother vases like the ones you used to be able to get at the florists, and my sons made little shelves above my wood work to put them on. I also have a friend that I can’t completely convince we don’t worship Mary. Maybe that’s why, LOL God Bless, Memaw

I believe I got it from the Carmelite Monastery at Aylesford- the site where St. Simon Stock received the Brown Scapular from Our Lady.

Hahah well they can think what they like, we know the truth!


Very impressive! As a Carmelite Secular, I’m glad to see St. Therese represented (at least twice).

Might I also suggest a crucifix to draw together this awesome communion of Saints?

Dear friend, I love St. Therese very much, she is my parish patroness! I do have a Crucifix on the altar, lying down and I also have a very large one on another wall in the same room, very close by.

Sweet! I went back and took a better look, and saw your beautiful Crucifix. My trifocals may have to give way to “quad-focals”! Thanks for sharing your Saints with us.

No no don’t worry, I am like you- I always advise my friends and fellow Catholics never to ignore the Crucifix and always to have at least one in their home. I have several, one on the wall above my bed- which is right in front of my shrine- on it’s own above the bed which I think is very nice as it is just Jesus on the Cross, not in my large collection- but yes I do have one on the Altar lying down- it is lying down because it is an Eastern Catholic altar cross, which is how they are supposed to be placed.

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