Best Pro-life Billboard you've ever seen


My group is considering sponsoring another billboard and I wanted to get some opinions on what billboards people here have seen that they thought were truly effective.

Thanks in advance!


How cool!!! I wish we could raise enough money to do that? About how much is the average billboard? how much did you pay for yours (if you don’t mind my asking)?
I’ve seen some nice designs at


Thanks for that site! It’s a great resource.

My favorite right now would be a peace symbol with the words “Peace begins in the womb” and possibly “abortion is violent” in smaller letters. But- our group is an “educational pro-life group” so, we do tend towards billboards that teach, although I suppose some people are blissfully unaware that abortion is violent.

In the end, we want to change hearts and minds, promote respect for the unborn as human beings, and healing for women, it’s a pretty tall order. :wink:

Billboards are outrageously expensive, of course it depends in part on wether they will be on a main roadway or not. They cost upwards of 5 grand (on a major roadway), we have some wonderful folks with some money who give us money solely for the purpose of us putting up pro-life billboards, without these “benefactors” we would never afford it. Also- if you are lucky enough to find a pro-life billboard company, they might cut you a deal and say, put it up for an extra month or that kind of thing.


Here is one of my own creation:

“Abortion…A baby can live without it”


support the rights of all women (venus sign within the circle of a venus sign)


One of the best signs I ever heard about (didn’t see it, but it was in a friend’s car) was from one of those little caution novelty signs that everybody was putting in their back car windows about 15 years ago. It was the yellow yield symbol with “Caution: Former Fetus Driving” written on it.

So what about a construction warning type yield sign on the billboard with “Yield: (or Caution) Former Fetus Ahead!”


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