Best Rapture book


Of the above listed books regarding the Rapture which do you think is the best, most complete as far as refuting these claims of the Rapture? Thanks.


Rapture by David Currie is really good.


The Rapture Revealed by David Currie is good. Not exactly the Rapture since the the Rapture since the Rapture isn’t a Catholic idea, is Trial,Tribulation & Triumph - Before, during and after the Anti-Christ by Desmond Birch.


I didn’t feel I could really vote since I haven’t read a lot of books on this topic.

The only book I have read on that list is Rapture by David Currie and I do agree that it is very good. I have been reading Desmond Birch’s book Trail, Tribulation and Triumph. I would also recommend it as he goes though the Church’s documents and the writings of the saints to show what has been known though out the years.


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