Best resources for PCOS and some breastfeeding knowledge


**I have one sister and she is 6 years younger than me. She just got married this past October and her and her hubby have been discussing the issue of having children. Neither of them are Catholic (or even religious…but that is a separate issue).

My sister has been diagnosed with PCOS (although I am not sure if that is actually the case). She is on the Pill as a treatment:rolleyes:. She is worried about a few things:

how bad her periods and symptoms will get once she comes off of the Pill if they decide to try to conceive

if she will be fertile at all since her doc made it sound like she’ll have a very hard time conceiving and will have to be on bed rest for almost the entire pregnancy.

I am not sure of what else is going on but she has had to have the cervical cancer test where they do the biopsy thing and I think there may be something odd about her uterus (she doesn’t talk about personal stuff very much)…

So for those of you who suffer from PCOS, what is your best resource recommendation since I don’t want to overwhelm her?

Ok, now about breastfeeding. I have heard through my mom that my sis isn’t sure she wants to BF. I am afraid that my extremely difficult time with it may have scared her. I am not sure what her other issues with it may be.

Since I am convinced that it is best for baby, what kind of info can I give her that won’t come off as pushy? She is the type who will do the opposite of what people tell her she should so I need to give her info to let her make her own decision…I just need to give her the info that is most likely to produce the result of her seeing how important BFing is…

Any advice and thoughts would be appreciated!!!


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