Best Secular TV series for Christians

I admit that I find The Big Bang Theory very funny.


I hate that show with the burning fury of one thousand suns.

I’m sure it does not affect you, but Glee is very anti-Catholic. It promotes homosexual sex, teenage sex and portrays Christians as haters. The only good aspect of it is treating the handicap, both physically and mentally, as regular people.

I enjoy Big Bang Theory, would not say it’s the funniest show on television, but I do laugh at it. However, it is not conducive for family and is generally fairly flippant with its views on sexuality.

Thanks. I might try that.

I’m on my third episode of Bones but I haven’t figured out who in it is Catholic. Both Bones and Booth said something among the lines of “wars always seem to be in the name of religoin” maybe not in exact words.

Still it seems to be a good show.

Jeremiah (2002-2003), starring Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, was a great show.

Premise: It takes place 15 years after a virus kills everybody over the age of puberty. It centers around people trying to pick up the pieces of the old world and begin anew. It’s all about learning from the errors of the past and fighting to make the world better at the risk of being overcome and destroyed by people who would prefer to exploit the chaos and dominate.

The violence is pretty mild and some mild nudity (Which is rare. Only 2 - 3 episodes feature it that I can remember). It’s tame by Biblical standards.

This is a short excerpt that will give you an idea of what the show is about:

Booth is the prime example of someone who grew up Catholic and thinks that makes him all knowledgeable when it comes to Catholicism, even though they are just spouting off the average anti-Catholic talking points.

I am a big fan of Bones but I love the NCIS franchise.

The OP seemed to indicate this was about shows in the fiction genre, but I want to throw out a nod to Shark Tank.

Not really because of the deal-making aspect, but because it brings to light so many examples of creative thinking, problem-solving, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Don’t know if it has to be a story, or live action, but my kids and I watch “American Pickers”, “Pawn Stars” and “This Old House”.

We watch “The Middle”.

We also watch “Gravity Falls”, which is a paranormal-themed cartoon on the Disney Channel. Think “X-Files”, but on a kid’s level.

I really enjoyed the Masterpiece mystery series Grantchester on PBS. It was about an Anglican priest in the 50s solving crime. Quite fun, but probably not child friendly.

This isn’t tv, but the new movie Pound Of Flesh will make any Catholic a Van Damme fan.

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