Best Show on TV

I used to frequently link to a local blog I read too (Saint Louis Catholic), but haven’t done so as much lately. I read it daily, but I do not know the person who writes it at all. It did occur to me to think that that some folks might think it is my blog, but I never thought it a very real possibility until now.

In my case, I did stumble on it because I was reading a lot about the St. Stanislaus fiasco here in St. Louis, and I have been reading it ever since. Maybe something similar is occurring with the TV blog too, the reader just found it and liked it enough to keep reading.

As far as this thread, I don’t watch much television at all. I mainly turn it on to distract myself while I read and ride the exercise bike. But, most often I have Food Network on and watch “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” “Chopped,” or whatever else happens to be on that channel. I doubt anything I have on would qualify as the best show on TV. :slight_smile:

Blue Bloods. A positive image of a Catholic family. Who would have thought it possible?


Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0

Psych and Burn Notice, the only non-cartoons I watch.

And I liked Eureka better when it was called “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”, because the writers took a little more trouble with their technobabble.

*]Man v. Food
*]American Greed
*]Carefully selected series on The History Channel and PBS.
My wife and I recently got interested in House Hunters and House Hunters International, but it seems like more and more of the house hunters are homosexuals. I realize that homosexuals have to have a place to live as well as anyone, but the over-emphasis on them misleads people into believing that their lifestyle is not only OK but preferable to a traditional one. Last night’s episode was about two old men who were “going to ‘have’ a baby!”, the narrator enthusiastically announced, as though we were suppose to celebrate with them. How this “having” was to take place was left to the viewer’s imagination.

The show is now off my list.

I would say my favorite show is Psych.

:thumbsup: I don’t get cable, but I look forward to Psych’s release on DVD every summer. As long as you put aside the fact that the whole premise of the show is based upon him lying habitually. :o

we just discovered Mad Men ourselves on netflix it’s addicting!
Otherwise…Swamp People, Deadliest Catch…mmmmm I am sure there are more.

I absolutely love Blue Bloods. Finally a show that depicts a strong Catholic family in a good light.

All the CSI’s but especially CSI NY
Blue Bloods
Breaking Bad
Hawaii Five-O

Person of Interest shows promise but will have to see.
No comedies anymore.

My husband watches all the sci fi shows

Dr. Who

“Doctor Who”
“The Walking Dead”
anything on PBS or the Science Channel

TV shows that i like are:
Family Guys
The Mentalist
The Criminal Minds

Breaking Bad.

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