Best single book for a fallen away Catholic!


We have two relatives, a young married couple, one raised in the Catholic faith the other a convert. In the last year and a half they have both left Catholicism for an Evangelical church as they have problems with the Papacy and other rules. What would be the best single apologetics book for their mother to read and then discuss the problem with them? I want the book that has the best Biblical basis for our theology against Evangelicalism.


I’d say you should check out Dave Armstrong’s e-books (15 books for $15). In the ones directed at Protestantism Armstrong uses a lot of Scripture and knows how to explain the issues because he himself was a convert to Catholicism.
His “Biblical defense of Catholicism” books are the type of stuff you should look at.


I’ve never read it, but I’ve heard David Currie’s “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic” is an excellent book, and seems to fit the bill for your purposes.


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