Best soundtrack for a television show

The best one I heard for a television show isn’t aired in English speaking markets.

Some samples…

The soundtrack is one reason why I watched that show even though its plot is rather mediocre. The, in itself, is not intellectually stimulative but I do think the characters are a redeeming factor. At least one can actually empathize with the characters. I personally empathize with Kujaku Mai the most as in my own real life I find it hard to actually make friends and I often feel lonely and depressed. .


I just wanted to comment on something…you feeling lonely and depressed. Do you have any family or friends to turn to? How is your overall health?
You are young and seem quite intelligent…you shouldn’t have to deal with depression alone. Please try to seek some help.

I like the soundtrack for Lost, you can listen to a preview of the soundtracks for the 1st and 2nd seasons on itunes. It has some really erie things, considering the storyline, but it has some really moving songs. “Locked out again” from season 1 is probably my favorite, and it has this depressing then uplifting progression which I happen to like.

Battlestar Galactica’s soundtrack is top notch

The new PBS reality series “Carrier” has the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard on a TV show, so far.

I thought the soundtrack for John Adams was very good.

Hill Street Blues – egad, I’m giving my age away!
Anyway, the theme was written by Mike Post, official composer of cop-show music (or so it seems), including L.A. Law, CHiPs, The Commish, NYPD Blue, and all the Law & Orders.

I like the “HOUSE” sound track

Oh my goodness, will I be dating myself with these, but really, who doesn’t know them?

My Three Sons
I Love Lucy

I figure their lasting power entitles them to be on any ‘best’ list, but if I had to pick ONE best it would be “Cheers”.

This website has clips of their top 10 if anyone has trouble remembering some of the classics. :slight_smile:

I was going to post that!

I would also have to add Miami Vice.

How about the “Dallas” theme song??

The theme tune for the tv channel CNX was pretty good.

Best TV soundtrack ever: **Peter Gunn!!! **The theme song (by Henry Mancini) won Emmys and Grammys and still sounds fresh and great 50 years later. Covered by groups in Jazz, Pop and Rock. 'Nuff said. Case closed. Other music in this series is just as good. Check out Jazz Drummer Shelly Mann’s CD Peter Gunn if you have any doubts.

The younger CAFers might want to check out the version by **The Art of Noise **(with guitarist Duane Eddy):

Follow-up to my Peter Gunn post. The soundtrack for Victory at Sea is up there with the greats.

I remember the Peal Harbor soundtrack for Victory at Sea. I love the music when the Vals (I think those are the names for the Japanese dive bombers) strike.

Hear it is:

Someone mentioned “Cheers”. I like that also.

MASH, although I do not like the words to the song, and was upset by them when I had gotten the sheet music. But the melody reminds me of better times. As does the one from All In The Family.

I cannot even spell “here.”

LOL! Isn’t it nice to know we’re all human? :slight_smile:

The X-Files had arguably the best soundtrack of any show (that’s why everyone’s copied a whole bunch of their methods); I also like the music of House, especially how it incorporates the stuff House listens to.

Farscape’s music was interesting although not “good” in the conventional sense; Babylon 5’s was mostly just a workhorse, but I liked their dramatic “mickeymousing” of the space scenes (it works better than the icy silence of the space scenes in Firefly).

I could bore you all to tears listing a vigintillion anime titles with good soundtracks, but won’t–all I’ll mention is Naruto’s use of the theme from “A Few Dollars More” on Japanese flute, and that the opening of Trigun sounds like Hendrix.

Another great TV soundtrack was Twin Peaks.

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