Best Spanish-English missal? (for OF)


In one of the locations where I attend Mass, I end up going to a lot of Masses in Spanish, because on certain days/ at certain times, especially after work, Spanish language Mass is the only option.

I could use a Spanish-English missal (for ordinary form) to help me pray because my Spanish is very rudimentary. I took Latin in school and took French later but never got around to taking Spanish.

Anybody have a missal recommendation?


Most parishes in majority Hispanic areas would have bilingual missals in the pew. I don’t need them but I’ve seen them.


Thanks, but they don’t do that here. One of the churches is a Hispanic National parish and I think I’m one of two gringas that attend it. The other is in a poorer area and probably can’t afford it. Anyway if I had my own I could learn the Mass responses at home.


Spanish Masses are so cool. People are very devotional.


They are, but at big Masses, most of them do not go to Communion, so I always feel like a jerk climbing over them even though I go to Confession 2 or 3 times a month.


Typically fewer than half receive. At our parish the young kids go for the blessing. The music is lively and you can clap along.

Fortunately our parish offers the missalletes and people actually use them.


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