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Hi I was wondering what’s the best thing about being catholic and what does devout mean to you ? Because I’m thinking about joining the church bit you hear so many stories in the media etc what’s the difference between the catholic faith and christian faith

Well, the Catholic faith is the Christian faith. Those ecclesial communities that are separated from the Church are also Christian, but they are not fully Christian in the sense that they do not have the fullness of the truth, only parts of it, or sometimes, things contradictory to it.

What things in the media are you referring to? It helps to be specific. :slight_smile:

All Catholics are Christian. Not all Christians are Catholic. All Christians are baptized in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and believe the tenets expressed in the Apostles Creed. How they interpret those tenets and apply them to living the Chrisitan life varies among denominations. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church, and other Christian denominations broke off from that Church at various times in history, for various reasons–some doctrinal, some political, some cultural.

What things in the media are you referring to? It helps to be specific. :slight_smile:

Like all these stories you hear on tw news and in the papers of priest abusing people and the strictness of the church and the pope etc

The Eucharist.



Also, the best thing in Catholicism can be knowing that you’re part of the Church that Jesus Himself founded. :slight_smile:

The best thing about being catholic is knowing that you have a shot at heaven.

I love everything about Catholicism, basically. When I am in a Catholic Church, especially the one I typically go to every Sunday, I feel at home. I don’t feel that way in any other denomination. More importantly, I get to receive my Savior in His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist. Another thing is the Mass - heaven on earth! Also, I don’t have to rely on a different interpretation of the Bible at each Protestant church. Which interpretation is the right one? That wouldn’t settle with me. I know that the Church knows what she is doing. Another thing is Confession. I know that a lot of non-Catholics ask the question “Why go to a priest for Confession? Why not God directly?” Well, going to a priest makes me know that my sins are forgiven since the priest works in persona christi. I feel so relieved! I know that the Catholic Church is the Church that Jesus Christ Himself established - He wanted all of us to be UNITED, NOT DIVIDED!

I feel so sorry for those who persecute the Church. They do not know what they are missing.

That this Church holds the One, True, Faith, passed down from Christ to the Apostles and through the ages, and of which Jesus said that even the gates of Hell would not prevail against. I’m a cradle Catholic, but read some of these conversion stories, and how influential researching the history of Christianity drove them to realize that the Catholic Church carries on the true faith which the Apostles received from Christ.

:eek: :dts: That’s like saying what’s the difference between the Hispanic race and the Mexican Race. :shrug:

Catholicism IS A FORM of Christianity.

Catholicism is the original Christian faith. Since Jesus gave Peter the keys of the kingdom in Mathew 16:19. All other denominations split off from it.

The Eucharist is the best thing and I would say confession is the second best thing.

Absolutely! The best thing about being Catholic is having the privilege to receive the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Being devout entails, primarily, availing oneself of that privilege as often as possible and, in turn, the other sacraments He’s given us through His church, in order that we may receive the grace necessary to do what He desires, which is to be totally united with Him in perfect love.

Catholicism or the Catholic Church was the Church established by Christ. He founded His Church on St. Peter. Any other Christian denomination simply could not exist without the Catholic Church. What could be better than being part of the Church established by Christ?


[quote="Della]What things in the media are you referring to? It helps to be specific. :slight_smile:

Priests and bishops are fallible human beings who are prone to sin just like the rest of us. Their ordinations do not make them immune from committing sins, even grevious sins. When they fail us, of course it’s bad and of course no one should have been abused, but it has little to do with them being Catholic clergy. Protestant clergy have abused people too. So have parents and teachers and counselors and others in positions of authority. Not to excuse it, but the media loves to emphasize when Catholic priests mess up because it’s scandalous, and scandal sells newspapers and leads the evening news.

The Church is strict in matters of faith and morals in order to safeguard us against sin, not to spoil our fun or to be overbearing. After all, the Church doesn’t have armies to enforce its teachings, it can only tell us the truth and then leave it up to us if we will listen or not.

The best thing about Catholicism, in my opinion, is the lack of mental gymnastics needed to explain biblical concepts.

You don’t mean that all Christians accept the Apostles Creed, right? Some ecclesial communities reject any creed – “no creed but Christ,” they say.

To answer the OP’s question: The best thing about Catholicism is that it is 100% TRUE!

Jim Dandy
Ex-Southern Baptist, ex-agnostic, ex-atheist, ecstatic to be Catholic!

To be mystically tied to history. When a Catholic is in prayer it is as if time itself has ceased. Your prayers and sacrifices become one with those same actions performed by the Church all the way back to the Garden. I would say even further than that. Perhaps to the Creation of the Heavens, for do not the angels also pray as one in the communion of saints?

According to my understanding based on Introduction to the Devout Life, by St Francis deSales, “devout” means a commitment to avoid mortal sin. To die rather than commit mortal sin. It is the beginning of sanctification, of union with God, of a taste of the beatific life of heaven. St. Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God shows how mere devotion can never be satisfactory.

Chuck…As St. Paul said to the Phillipians, (I paraphrase) we can not count ouselves at any point in this life to have arrived at our permanent station. We can never rest in this life. The greatest thing about being Catholic is that it helps me understand what I am, who I am, as a fallen sinner, yet made in the image of god, with desires that cannot be met, except by union with my Creator.

I came into the Church in 1995. I had been a Baptist preacher. I started a Baptist Church. It grew. Seven years. You identify yourself as Baptist I think? I have no wish to poop on the Baptists. They gave me a good push start. But generally speaking, they don’t get what is so good and beautiful and true about the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. They are weighed down with horrible misconceptions about Our Lady, about the Saints, about the Pope, about natural goodness vs. the supernatural goodness which equals participation in the divine nature. As a result of the latter error, they completely whiff…strike three, strike four, strike seven, strike twelve…when it comes to evaluating what the Holy Ghost, (and probably St. Luke) understood when he recorded what the Archangel Gabriel said to our Lady, Hail…FULL of grace.

I don’t just want you to pray Rosaries! And I want you to pray Rosaries! But you can never understand grace if you misunderstand the inadequacy of nature. Come to the Catholic Church. Come to her who who helps her children see the sad mistakes of souls tossed to and fro, and thrown about with every wind of doctrine.


Ahh Yes, the very center of our Catholic worship. Peace, Carlan

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