Best translations / publishers for patristics?

I’m looking for some basic introductions to the Church Fathers, with some analysis but also full presentations of their works with accompanying notes. Could anyone point me toward the best publishers and/or translators, maybe with an Amazon or WorldCat link for precision?

Thank you!

I would suggest the Fathers of the Church series published by Catholic University of America Press. This is available on It cost over 2000 dollars, but you can buy bit by bit, They sell Saint Augustine separately, the post-Nicene fathers ect. You can pay it in monthly installments for about 200 more or less dollars a month. It is an awesome tool to use in research. Why? Because you can type a bible verse and it will display the fathers who quote from that verse or make an allusion to it. All downloaded. But it uses a lot of memory. It costs a lot but it is the most readable English publication of its kind - in my opinion. Or you could by it paperback one by one.

Dr. Jurgens used texts that are high in value. They are in the milieu of the scholars.

The Fathers of the Church series by the Catholic University of America Press was begun in 1947 and continues to this day! One or two volumes are ordinarily published per year, and you can still subscribe to them. I’d post a link, but right now their website is down. :shrug: In my opinion they are a beautifully produced set in hardback form, although the paperback and e-book versions are virtually the same in price. :confused:

There are about 135 volumes to date.

Another very good series is the Ancient Christian Writers by the Paulist Press.

Another worthwhile (though Protestant) series is the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. This series originated with the Oxford Movement in England (with a few of the books translated and annotated by John Henry Newman) Later in the early 20th century an American Protestant re-edited the series, and it is those books that are currently available as reprints. However the scholarship is sound and the notes are not overly concerned with repudiating Catholic doctrine. Therefore they can be used advantageously with some caution.

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