Best TV Show of All Time

The Journey Home is my favorite show.

“The Cosby Show” :smiley:

I nominate the Andy Griffith Show as all-time greatest comedy, because the humor derived from character and the fact that most of the plots revolved around trying to keep someone’s feelings from being hurt, It’s both a very funny and a very moral comedy.

The Twilight Zone (original Rod Serling series, not the remakes or movie)

Favorite Episodes: “Judgment Night”, “The Purple Testament”, “Time Enough at Last”, “Twenty-two”, and “Two”.

The Dick Van Dyyke Show!

Hill Street Blues for drama. Have to agree with *Honeymooners *for comedy, followed closely by Carol Burnett.

My best ever: The Simpsons (But only seasons 1-9 or 1-10 or so)

Honorable mentions:

The Wonder Years

Everybody Loves Raymond

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Joan of Arcadia (until they inexplicably cancelled it :mad:)

I also liked Quantum Leap a lot as a kid :o

I also watched a lot of Baywatch as a kid… I wasn’t a Christian back then

Blue Bloods is one of the best tv series that i love to watch.

No one’s going to mention Doctor Who? It’s only run for 32 seasons and counting (yes there was a break in there, but it’s still impressive).

:smiley: I feel the same way.

I’m more of a Keeping Up Appearances type guy. Before I got married, I told my wife I was more of an Onslow than a Richard. :slight_smile:


I loved Quantum Leap, and watched it every Wed. night. It did get weird toward the end though, and I didn’t really like how they ended the series with him just disappearing.

24 was a great series I got into toward the end, now have to catch up on all the episodes I missed.

Law & Order series. SVU is my favorite with CI my least favorite.

I miss Night Court, thought that was a great show.

Currently I like Supernatural and The Walking Dead

I would nominate “Twin Peaks,” “The X-Files” and “Nightstalker,” more or less in that order. “Seinfeld” is probably the greatest sit-com ever (you really need different categories of “greatest” to do justice to the whole gamut of television programming).

Modern: The Office, Lost.

Classic: Twilight Zone, The Fugitive.


That wasn’t originally intended to be the series finale but simply the season finale. But, alas, they didn’t get renewed for another season so they had to quickly tack on some stuff at the end to give it some finality.

My wife is still bitter about the ending, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t realize that wasn’t supposed to be the ending. Although, some of the later episodes were strange and didn’t really like the “Dark” Leaper episodes either. but I guess they couldn’t just keep doing the same things.

*]Life is Worth Living
*]The Jackie Gleason Show
*]Laverne and Shirley [Seasons 1 and 2 especially. Forget the last ones without Shirley.]
*]Rumpole of the Bailey
*]Masterpiece Theatre
*]Mystery Theatre

Yeah, it did get a bit strange in some respects. Shows are always trying to balance doing new things so as not to grow stale with sticking to the fundamentals that made the show great in the first place. It’s usually quite a difficult thing to do.

I second that.

Though I loved MASH and Cheers as well. More recently, Lost.

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