Best Van Halen lead singer?

The battle of the Van Halen lead singers is on! Which one do you like better?
Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth?

I always liked Sammy. DLR gets on my nerves. Sammy just seems like a really fun guy, plus I always preferred the music the band made with him vs. that made with DLR.

What about Gary Cherone? :slight_smile:

got to go with the red rocker!

Does he even count? Especially after “More Than Words”…:rolleyes:


Roth :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue:

How is the new VH tour going? Sorry I missed it, I live in Florida.

EVH Interview from 1982 (mp3)

EVH on SNL from 1987 (flv vid)

Van Halen brothers interview early 2007 (mp3)

Phil P

Definitely Roth! :thumbsup: He’s a goofball, but he’s a fun one. For no good reason at all, I never warmed up to Sammy, but I’m sure that’s not his fault. :wink:

Van Hagar, hands down. David Lee Roth is a buffoon, in my opinon, and listening to anything from him is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Technically, he did appear on one of Van Halen’s albums, so I think he should count. :wink: I like Extreme, though. :o (III Sides to Every Story is a very Christian-themed album, and one of my favorites).

It’s just as well that Gary’s not included in the poll, though. I don’t think anyone would vote for him! :smiley:

I didn’t vote, though. I like both Roth and Hagar. I can’t really decide. I suppose if I absolutely HAD to pick one or the other, I’d have to go with DLR.

Yeah, I know. But ever since I saw an interview with him complaining about fans who didn’t know that Extreme was a hard rock band, I’ve had very little patience with him. Hello, you put out two acoustic singles in 1991, both of which charted on the Top 40, and you complain that your fans expect you to sound like those songs? Dude, be glad you have fans.

Hagar had better vocals (which is why I voted for him since I appreciate vocals over lyrics). As for the catchiness of the songs, the Roth era was by far the dominant era for hits and great songs.

Give me Van HAGAR! I could never stand DLR. He always struck me as cocky and acted as if he thought he was God’s gift to women. And I like his voice better.

I vote again Diamond Dave, about 30 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course I still like Yngwie too. :confused:

Phil P

I’m going with David Lee Roth, hands down.
I just cannot picture Sammy Hagar doing all those
acrobatics that Roth did on the great JUMP !! video.
Roth was a lot of comical fun.


I saw their one concert w/ Cherone and he is pro-life and made mention of it at the concert. I thought that was WAY COOL.

{I voted for Sammy}

The reason I didn’t include Gary is that when most people think of Van Halen, they think of either Roth or Hagar.

Gary Cherone has my respect. He is very vocal in his support of the pro-life movement.

DLR certainly had the attitude, but he was mostly a performer, a voyeur. I think of “Drop Dead Legs,” “Beautiful Girls,” and all those songs where Diamond Dave is observing from a distance – albeit rather slovenly – but never closes the deal, as it were.

Sammy was much more sleazy. I recall “Black & Blue,” the title of the entire “For Unlawful…” album, “Poundcake”… Sammy’s songs were up-close and in the woman’s face, with rather graphic innuendo and even aberrant proclivities.

I guess it depends on your style. Eddie’s guitar playing was much more spectacular on record in the DLR era, yet when I covered the band’s tour with Cherone many years ago EVH was still belting out “Eruption” like no one’s business.

Apparently all’s well on the current tour as well. The interesting question is why the setlist, which hasn’t changed from venue to venue, includes almost no Hagar songs.

I’m not a “Van Hagar” fan at all. But Van Halen? YES!

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