Best videos of a Tridentine Mass?

What with all the rumor-bubbling on the subject, I’m ready to see what’s up with the Tridentine Mass. So to start with, are there any good videos available online of the TLM? Thanks.

A rather good video of a (Gasp! :rolleyes: ) SSPX Mass in Paris, Missa Cantata at St. Nicolas du Chardonnet

There are some rather good videos on youtube and google videos, of some SSPX Masses and the Mass narrated by Ab. Fulton Sheen.

What a beautiful church! And perhaps more importantly, what a FULL church… Perhaps they will be so kind as to let me copy this video for my own parish priest and Schola. Even though we’re gasp a regular ol’ diocesan parish. :eek: Seriously, though, It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. A reminder of what ALL Catholics will soon have the right to enjoy again. :smiley:

This is a cool video of Archbishop Sheen (then a monsignor) narrating a TLM mass:

Oh, wow! Oh, to be able to attend a Mass like this in my own parish! THIS is the Mass I grew up with! I’m not going to say anything unkind except to say compare this Mass to what went on at Halloween in San Diego posted elsewhere on this forum. We have a reverent NO at my parish. But to see that young mother, dipping her child’s hand into the holy water font and making the sign of the cross for him. I can remember my mother doing that for me. If we get a universal indult, I’ll join a schola.

This is my favorite video of the TLM.

This is from an SSPX Mass in France…warning, it’s high quality, so even if you have a cable modem…it’s gonna take a while to download. With the Mass being in France, there are some “local adaptations” e.g. the priest reads the Epistle silently while another priest reads from the ambo in French.–St%20Nicolas%20du%20Chardonnet,%20Paryz.avi

Or directly from;

After viewing the video from 1941, I’m very thankful for the new Mass. I don’t like the way everything is in Latin. Even the readings from the Holy Bible are in Latin. I also think the ceremonial aspect of the Mass was entirely overdone. I can see why the laity would pray the Rosary during Mass. They were entirely excluded from any participation, and the Mass was conducted in a foreign language. I also prefer the priest facing the congregants.

Some things I liked were communion at the communion rail, which seemed to be less of a spectacle than in it’s present form. I also appreciated the youthfulness and vigorous appearance of the priest, and the discipline of the altar boys.

I’ll stick with Mass in it’s present form. I prefer to be able to understand what is going on. Praise God that we have the new Mass


Everyone is entitled to their opinion…

But just to correct something…after the Gospel and before the Homily…the Priest would re-read the epistle and gospel in english.

Also…most people are following along in the Missal. So the epistles and gospel readings are right there for them.

As for ceremony? The TLM is equal or maybe less ceremonial than the intense rubrics laid down in the OT.

I for one however prefer beautiful chant over ritual animal blood spilling :thumbsup:

And btw…the Novus Ordo is supposed to be in Latin, facing the east, with the same vestments and ceremony. Vatican II allowed the vernacular to take place either occasionally or on a weekly basis (alongside the latin version of the new mass) It was the events after Vatican II that gave us the New Mass in the present form.

God Bless

Oh yes…i also forgot to add that to my last post.

heres my “Ugh…”

Just so you dont feel alone CatholicNick :smiley:

Excuse me? I gave my opinion and stated my preference. I don’t think your response is either respectful or mature. There is nothing disrespectful in what I said. I viewed the Fulton Sheen video in it’s entirety, and viewed part of one of the others. I personally prefer the new Mass conducted in English.

Im sure he was just playing with you wenckebachcath

We respect your opinion…but some of us trads get real defensive about the Mass.

I think the main problem with your post (the part that began to leave your personal opinion and made a statement against the latin mass)

would be when you said “thank God for the New Mass”

You see many traditional Catholics see the New Mass as something that needed not to, and should have not happened.

Either way, were all friends here.:o

God Bless

Im sure he was just playing with you wenckebachcath

Missa Solemnis is correct to a certain extent.

Apologies if i overly offended you…

And many traditional Catholics think the new Mass is absolutely perfect when celebrated according to the rubrics. Good to know we’re all friends. I agree with Wenckbach Catholic.

Languages. The Mass of Ages uses Latin, Greek and Hebrew- the three langauges Pilate ordered the sign above the Cross of Christ to be written in. Rather symbolic I think, like everything in the Tridentine Mass. No words, no actions wasted. No meaningless pomp. Everything has a deep meaning that brings us into the sacred Mystery of the Sacrifice of the Altar.

The Sacrifice of the Altar is purposefully meant, not to exclude the laity, but to bring them into the Sacrifice spiritualy. In the Novus Ordo there is no peace, no thought, no inner prayer. No preparation to recieve our Eucharistic King- as if we could ever be trully prepared.

The readings are correctly in Latin. We are not protestants: for us the scriptures both teach us and elevate our hearts and minds to God as prayer. That is why at Solemn Mass the Epistle and Gospel are chanted, for it is not enough to merely speak God’s Word, we must sing it also!

Once again, unlike the protestants, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is surrounded by tradition and ritual to glorigy it and create an atmosphere of prayer and devotion in which the Blessed Lord comes down upon mere Bread and Wine for us. Everything has meaning. Everything prepares us for Christ and brings us into the tradition of the Church.

Some things I liked were communion at the communion rail, which seemed to be less of a spectacle than in it’s present form. I also appreciated the youthfulness and vigorous appearance of the priest, and the discipline of the altar boys.

Indeed. The communion rail separates the sanctuary from the rest of the church, so that the laity (excluding the servers) cannot approach the altar and tabernacle. The rail demonstrates the sacredness of this space. Furthermore, it allows the laity to come forth to the sanctuary and recieve the Eucharist individualy, from the priest- the only real Eucharistic Minister.

Also, the Tridentine Mass attracted more vocations then the Novus Ordo does today. It inspires awe and devotion from the Church, and strengthens the faith.

I’ll stick with Mass in it’s present form. I prefer to be able to understand what is going on. Praise God that we have the new Mass

Personally, I agree think that God took the Mass of Ages away from us so that we may come to better appreciate it and turn from modernist heresies.

lol…Of course

Im not going to get into statistics here.

But what exactly are the “rubrics”

Because a strict adherence to the rubrics would get rid of Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers (when not extremely necessary) female altar servers, contemporary music, and hand shaking/holding.

It would also add (well re-add) altars against the wall or at least facing east. Traditional Chasubles, Maniples, and Dalmatics. Bell-ringing (in all parishes), incensce, the Confiteor at EVERY MASS, the Gloria in traditional form (in fact all prayers in traditional form) the kyrie in GREEK and greek alone, and a greater use of latin in the mass.

In my opinion…a Novus Ordo celebrated like that would be perfect…since it would simply be a Tridentine Mass with a few shortcuts.

Unfortunately I have yet to find one. :frowning:

So well put it brings tears to my eyes…bravo Caesar.

Your defense of the TLM is impeccable as always.

Wouldnt say perfect. Perhaps a Novus Ordo mass celebrated in latin, ad orientem, with proper vestments, orthodox priests and some sense of faith in the church is better then what we usualy get.

Perfect would describe the Mass of Ages.

Well, I’m one of the people who thank God that the bulk of the Mass is in the vernacular. If God could do anything with the “Spirit of Vatican II,” I’m glad He at least did that: through the Holy See, the bishops were allowed to introduce more and more of the vernacular into the Mass. I hope we don’t go back.

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